Fallout 4’s New California Republic Flag

The New California Republic flag is a unique symbol used in the video game Fallout 4. This flag is located around 200 years into the future and features the same heraldry, political organization and color scheme as the current-day California flag. This flag is also designed to fit with the Fallout 4 game world, which features many recognizable California locations.

This flag features a two-headed mutated bear against a background of white. It was inspired by the California Republic flag of the 19th century. This flag can be made into a patch or embroidered. It is also included with the Post-Apocalypse embroidery design pack.

This flag originally depicted a grizzly bear. In later years, it has become the state’s official flag. It is also the state symbol of California. It is displayed at Sonoma Plaza’s Bear Flag Monument, which marks the raising of the original bear-flag. Although Peter Storm is believed to have designed the original design, William Todd claims that he also made flags that were inspired by Storm’s original designs.

The New California Republic is the most populous nation in Fallout Universe. Its territory extends from northern California to northwestern Nevada, and south Oregon. The Republic is home to more than a million people. Its economic strength has been largely attributed to its control over vast Brahmin herds. The Republic has made significant efforts to rebuild and expand its infrastructure from before war, including water, electricity and communication systems.

Fallout 4’s New California Republic Flag
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