FaZe Rug Buys a New House!

FaZe Rug is buying a new house! He bought a house in San Diego, California for $4.4 million. He teased his fans with videos of his new home, which included a movie theater, a bar, and a modern pool. FaZe Rug has become a household name, and his new house is sure to impress!

The house includes a mini golf course, a heated swimming pool, a soundproof movie theater, and a gym room. It also has a giant light-up bar with chandeliers, and every bedroom has its own full bathroom. It even has an iPad for controlling different features of the house! Fans of FaZe also predict that the home will eventually have a basketball court, complete with a FaZe logo.

FaZe Rug, a San Diego-based Vlogger, started with prank videos. He now has two YouTube channels and more than a million subscribers. His net worth is estimated to reach $4 million by 2022. Bosley, an English Bulldog named by the couple, is also their pet.

The entrepreneur also owns his own car. He is a fan of luxury cars. His white Range Rover is worth approximately US $0.5 million. Faze Rug can be reached by calling his phone number, +1(557)684. His new address is in San Diego, California, United States. His old home was at 18300 Old Coach Dr, Poway, CA 92064.

Faze Rug is one of the most popular YouTubers in the United States. His YouTube channel was launched eight years ago. It has already attracted 20.6 million subscribers. He is also part of the Faze Clan esports team. He enjoys playing first-person shooter games and is an avid gamer. He is also a big fan of hip-hop music.

FaZe Rug Buys a New House!
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