Faze Rug Net Worth

Faze Rug Net Worth

Bio, Net Worth, and Biography of Faze Rug


Brian Rafat Awadis, better known by his online name FaZe Rug, is a well-known gamer, YouTuber, and content creator. He is also the co-owner of the FaZe Clan, a professional gaming organization. Born in San Diego, California, Brian was raised in a lower-middle-class family. His parents are Iraqi immigrants. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Read on more to know about him.


His parents are Iraqi Chaldean Assyrian immigrants. His parents are from Iraq.

They are also involved in running their own YouTube channel, which features funny family content. Both of his parents are good-looking and supportive. His father, Ron Awadis, is the owner of two stores in San Diego.

Early life 

Faze Rug was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego, California. Growing up, Faze Rug loved playing video games. He was considered shy by his teachers but eventually became a YouTube sensation.

Brian Rafat Awadis, better known by his stage name FaZe Rug, is an Iraqi-American gamer and content creator.

He is part of the eSports clan FaZe and has been a part of the group since he was a toddler. As a teenager, Brian Awadis launched a YouTube channel with his brother, called “father-son Chaldean.” However, the channel was no longer active, and Awadis decided to focus on his business.


He attended a local high school and later moved on to San Diego Miramar College. Eventually, he dropped out of college to pursue his career on YouTube.


In 2012, he joined YouTube and started posting Call Of Duty gameplay videos. These videos soon gained him the attention of the FaZe clan, and the team invited him to be a part of their group. He is now a director and co-owner of the group.

Before he started his channel, he was a member of the father-son Chaldean channel. This channel was established on October 11, 2008, and was very active until December 2009. At that time, he had uploaded five videos before deciding to quit college and focus on his YouTube career full-time. He has two YouTube channels, one for his gaming videos and one for pranks.

FaZe Rug is popular for his prank videos. His most popular video is titled “Cocaine Prank,” and has been viewed over nine million times. In addition, he has also started creating content for the TikTok platform, He has also been featured in several TV commercials and made appearances in several movies, TV shows, and music videos.

He has starred in a film, Crimson, and an episode of “The Office.” He has also released a song titled Goin’ Live.

Net worth

Faze Rug net worth is estimated to be approximately $ 4 million in 2022. He also has an esports clothing line and has partnered with Lyrical Lemonade and Kappa. The income from his YouTube channel is estimated to be in the $2 million to $4 million range.FaZe Rug lives a luxurious lifestyle and has a wealth of luxury items.

He has partnered with FaZe Clan and is a co-owner. The team’s popularity has helped him earn a lot of money. He has spent more than $4 million on a house in Poway, California. He also owns an impressive collection of luxury cars. His car collection includes a Lamborghini Huracan Evo Custom and a Urus. He also has a Range Rover SV Autobiography and a Tesla Model X.These luxury cars can cost upwards of $70k. Today, the YouTube star lives in a $30 million mansion in Los Angeles.

Social media  

Faze Rug is a popular YouTuber and gamer from San Diego, California. His prank videos gained him fame and he now has more than 10 million subscribers. FaZe Rug has over 19 million subscribers and has become a household name. He often shares pictures of his Range Rover on his social media pages.

He first became popular as a prankster, and then he posted videos on YouTube, which gained him millions of followers.

As of August 8, 2021, his videos have received over 4.8 billion views. He began posting games on his YouTube channel in August 2017. As of May 2019, he has over 835,000 subscribers and more than 12 million views.

As of August 8, 2021, his videos have received over 4.8 billion views. He began posting games on his YouTube channel in August 2017. As of May 2019, he has over 835,000 subscribers and more than 12 million views.


In addition to his YouTube videos, the San Diego-based YouTuber is also involved in charity events. Every year, he and his family donate one hundred thousand dollars to charity. They also host events for the homeless and needy people. He is also a big fan of Gucci and wishes to be sponsored by the company.


In 2015, Brian Rafat Awadis was dating YouTuber Molly Eskam. The two were in a relationship for over a year but eventually broke up. A few months later, he started dating a model named Kaelyn, who is also an Instagram star. The pair were spotted together in several photos, videos, and social media profiles, but their relationship eventually broke down.


FaZe Rug is a YouTube sensation, a professional gamer, and a successful businessman. As of 2022, he is a multi-talented individual. 

Besides being a YouTuber, he has also become a major businessman. Performance.

his channel had more than one million subscribers. Within three years, he had more than ten million subscribers. In addition, he won a Diamond Play Button award from YouTube. In 2017, he registered another YouTube channel called FaZe Rug Games, which features games. Since then, it has gained over 800 thousand subscribers.


In conclusion, Faze Rug is a prime example of what can be accomplished when one remains focused and passionate about their craft. His success serves as an inspiration for those who are looking to make a career out of their passion. He has achieved fame and fortune from his YouTube channel, which he started from nothing more than a laptop and an idea. With millions of subscribers, Faze Rug proves that it is possible to succeed in the digital age if you have the talent and dedication for it.

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Faze Rug Net Worth

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