Felt Hat Season: When To Wear Them


Hats are one of the favorite essentials for a wardrobe, especially during fall. You can pair them with any casual style, and when you add hats to your outfits, they will immediately elevate your style. So when you feel like your outfits are a bit boring, throw in some hats. Here are some of the felt hats you need to know. 

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Fedora was first known in the fashion scene when Sarah Bernhardt wore it in one of her plays, “Fédora,” in 1882. However, it was 1920 when Prince Edward of Britain demonstrated that men could also wear fedora hats. These hats then became connected to musicians, models, actors, and gangsters’ late-night activities. 

It is elegant and edgy but sophisticated in style; for this reason, several celebrities are using fedora hats, such as Lupita Nyong’o and Justin Timberlake. The broad category of Fedora includes several styles, such as trilby, wide-brimmed, and brim. Common fedoras have 2.5 inches or longer brims, and they can be shaped in several ways. In addition, the crown of fedora hats comes with several kinds of crown creases, such as telescope creases.

Pork Pie


English pastry hats are another term for a pork pie, it first became one of the fashion scenes in Britain around the 19th century, but it only became famous in the 1920s, when the silent film star Buster Keaton wore pork pie in his movies. In the 1930s, college students loved the hat, and more Hollywood stars popularized them, such as Cary Grant and Fred Astaire; there were also jazz musicians who wore them, such as Lester Young. 

The typical tiny round hats with slightly domed crown hats, narrow curled-up brim, and band fastened all over the crease were recently more popularized after the alter ego of Walter White wore one in the movie Breaking Bad. Although the brims of pork pie hats are less than 2.5 inches, it features snap brims that point up all over the hat’s circumference. Pork pie hats always come with a telescope crease.



You can have difficulty distinguishing trilbies and pork pie hats, as they have several similarities more than their differences. Trilby hats feature sting snap brims, and trilbies typically feature brims that are only turned up on either one side or in the back or front. In addition, trilbies commonly have a creased, tapered crown that has a front pinch. It is also more formal than pork pies but less formal than most of the fedoras.


Choose hat styles that perfectly suit your aesthetic and styles regardless of fashion rules. However, if you want universal guidelines, fedoras and trilbies are more formal than pork pies. Other pork pies won’t always compliment people with round faces or shorter people as they can have a more “squat” look. So if you wish to have a hat that you can use for dressing up or down and will complement any sizes and face shapes, the safest choice for you is trilby or fedora. 

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Felt Hat Season: When To Wear Them

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