5 Reasons You Need to Wear Sunscreen in Winter


SPF sunscreen works well on any occasion. It’s a massive misconception that people should only use sunscreen on the beach and in summer but is it working like that?

Many researchers have supported the claims that the UV rays are getting harsher every day, no matter the season. The more we get our skin exposed to the sunlight, the more reason we should maneuver our way from getting too much UV rays exposure.

But in winter? Really? Isn’t that chilly, and we have to bundle up our clothes to go outside? Why do we need to put on our sunscreen?

If your thought goes exactly like those phrases, you will have to read more about this article where we list down the five of the reasons you need to wear sunscreen in this chilly season. 

Snow and Ice Acts As Sunlight Reflectors


Ultraviolet rays travel fast and are prone to unprotected skin. No matter what activity you wish to pursue this winter season, the sun is still out, and it still emits these harmful rays that would indeed develop skin-related problems.  

Even if you’re wearing a winter hat or thick clothes to cover up some parts of your body, the water substance found in snow or ice can reflect the harmful rays of UV rays to your exposed area, such as your face.

It is still essential for you to keep your game on your winter activities by applying sunscreen that comes in chemical-free and uses active ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. It would be best to go for a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 or higher. 

Skin Cancer Risk


Our skin sometimes receives minor care there is to give. While some will care enough to treat it with respect and provide protection from the sun, like putting on sunscreen during winter, some may not. 

Sure, out of practicality, it may seem like we don’t need to wear one during the cold season, but the UV rays are still damaging our skin unknowingly. 

Ozone Layer is Thin on Winter


The ozone layer protects us from many harmful chemicals found outside the planet. Its main job is to absorb and reflect the UV rays from the sun, and somehow as the weather gets cold, they get thin. 

Ozone produces a protective layer during hot temperatures, but as the weather drops too low, you can expect that there will be a higher risk of going outside without any protection. 

The Skin Gets Sensitive in Cold Weather


If you don’t want to lose your skin’s moisture, it is best that you still give an adequate amount of care to them. 

The wind in winter has lesser humidity that constantly removes your skin’s moisture as you move outside. Facing windy weather will make your skin develop a fine line, so it is important to use SPF sunscreen somehow to protect your skin from the sun and the wind. 

The Damage We Receive From Indoor Lights


And when you think that you are safe from the harmful rays outside your home, you will also find that there are still some that can affect your skin even when you’re inside your home. 

Recent studies support the results that some radiation found inside our homes comes from our gadgets, such as cellphones, television, and even our lights. 

Wearing sunscreen lifts and protects our skin from the possible harmful effects, so choosing the best sunscreen that works for you is essential, no matter what the season is. 


Although we may see it as a practical choice not to wear sunscreen during the winter season, it still protects our skin needs. After all, it is the last and most important step of our skincare routine!

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5 Reasons You Need to Wear Sunscreen in Winter

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