Picking the Right First Aid Supplies to Make Your Own Kit

First Aid Supplies

Are you prepared if you or someone you know is injured?

Unfortunately for most people, the answer would be no. But, why aren’t we? From small scrapes to bigger wounds, accidents happen every day, and staying prepared could save a lot of unnecessary pain!

This is where creating a first aid kit comes in. By packing your own kit, you can make sure you have everything you need for minor accidents when you’re on the go.

Start making it with this guide to essential first aid supplies.

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Wound Dressings

When dealing with a small workplace injury, or even an injury at home, you’re going to need wound dressings. Make sure yours are wrapped and sterile and choose those that are easy to apply for emergencies. Some different wound dressings you should have include:

  • Fabric and waterproof plasters
  • Burn dressings
  • Sterile wound dressings
  • Sterile eye pads

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Bandages are super versatile and essential for every school nurse, parent, or individual who wants to stay safe on the go. They’re great for maintaining pressure on larger wounds and can be used to support injured joints until you can get to help. Different types of bandages include:

  • Triangular bandages for slings
  • Tubular bandages to secure dressings
  • Conforming roller bandages
  • Support roller bandages
  • Ope-weave bandages

Make sure to read up on what they all do and how to use them so that you’re properly prepared!

Cleansing Wipes and Sprays

Keeping wounds clean is vital to preventing infections and provided top-quality first aid. You should pack cleansing wipes that are great for removing dirt and debris and for cleaning around the wound. You can also add an antibacterial spray for easy application and to rid the entire wound of germs.

Scissors and Pins

Scissors are brilliant for cutting away clothes around the wound and cutting bandages and dressings to size. Make sure yours are small and sharp! You may also need safety pins to secure bandages, depending on the type you use.

Pain Killers

Getting hurt on the go is never fun, especially when you’re far from help! To minimize pain until you can seek professional attention, keep some pain killers in your first aid kit. When you or someone you know is in a scrape, you’ll be very happy to have them.

Aluminum Blanket

If you’re in an emergency situation, an aluminum blanket is a must. These are designed to retain body heat when you’re in a bad situation, such as lost in the wild overnight or waiting for emergency aid. They’re also great for people who may be in shock after an accident, helping them feel safer and warmer until help arrives.

Collect Your First Aid Supplies

Now you know what you need, it’s time to get shopping! Make sure you buy quality first aid supplies; you’ll be happy you spent a little extra when you need them.

Picking the Right First Aid Supplies to Make Your Own Kit

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