French Bulldogs For Sale in Temecula

Are you looking for French Bulldogs for sale in Temecula? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. French Bulldogs are known for their sweet disposition and wonderful temperament. This breed originated as a companion to royalty in France. The French Bulldog has a small body and heavy bone structure, a smooth coat, short face and distinctive bat ears. These dogs make great family pets. They make wonderful companions for children because of their temperament. AKC registers these dogs for health and safety reasons.

French Bulldogs come in many colors, but the more rare colors are more expensive. While white, cream, and fur are the official colors for this breed, any combination is acceptable. The rarer colors are called “merles” and are more expensive than standard coats. Before purchasing a puppy, make sure you ask about licensing and health care.

English bulldogs are different from French bulldogs. These dogs are more distinct than French bulldogs. They are much smaller and squatter-like and have short legs. Their flat faces are marked by their dark, low-set eyes. They have broad, barrel-shaped chests and fleshy cheeks and lips. They also have short legs and thick shoulders. Their backs are slightly arched.

A good Frenchie breeder will spend hours feeding the puppies so they can get the nutrition they need for healthy growth. Frenchies are small and have narrow hips so they can’t carry many puppies. The average French Bulldog litter is three puppies. In comparison, a Golden Retriever can deliver an average of eight puppies. A Golden Retriever is twice as expensive, but you’ll be getting double the amount of puppies in return.

French Bulldogs For Sale in Temecula
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