Fun Ways To Use Custom Beer Koozies

Custom Beer Koozies

Custom beer koozies are some of the most popular promotional materials out there. In fact, you probably have two or three koozies from various companies or events floating around your house at this moment.

Koozies are great for keeping canned beverages cool. But there are plenty of other ideas for koozies, which makes them wonderful, long-lasting promotional materials. Read on to find out more uses for koozies, and why your company should be using them.

Why Custom Beer Koozies Make Great Promo Materials

There are a host of reasons why koozies should be one of your go-to promotional materials. Cool custom printing allows for a variety of different ways to have your logo and/or promotional references emblazoned onto a koozie.

Koozies are also handy and can guarantee future use from a consumer. Having your message printed on something that consumers will use over and over again allows for more brand exposure.

Fun Uses for Koozies

Despite their purpose as drink coolers and holders, koozies have a bunch of fun uses as well. Let’s review just a few of those fun uses.

1. Vehicle Cup Holders

A built-in cup holder is so convenient in your vehicle. But sticky drinks and condensation can leave a wet mess in those cup holders.

Use a koozie in your vehicle’s cup holder to help prevent those spills and leave your cup holders nice and clean.

2. Prevent Fruit Bruising

Ever pulled an apple out of your bag and found an ugly bruise that was not there that morning?

A koozie is a great way to prevent fruit from bruising, whether it is an apple, pear, or something else. Simply push the fruit into the koozie, and you have yourself a protective layer over your fruit.

3. Pen and Pencil Storage

What better way to keep pens and pencils tidy than by utilizing a koozie? Everyone has pens and pencils, and most people have far too many. Keeping them neat with a koozie keeps them organized and easy to find in a desk drawer.

Koozies can also work as a cup of sorts, to keep pens and pencils within easy reach.

4. Electronic Protection

The same way that a koozie can protect fruit can also be applied to electronics.

Slip a cell phone within a koozie to keep it safe from bumps and scratches. A slim digital camera can easily fit inside a koozie for travel. A music device and earbuds can both fit inside a koozie for easy organization.

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Fun Ways To Use Custom Beer Koozies

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