5 Garden Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Garden Accessories

Very few can resist the gardening bug. Garden aficionados savor the time spent in the garden and love the fruits of their toil visually and in garden-produce. But it’s impossible to get the game right without proper tools. Today, there is a whole new range of garden accessories that make gardening a breeze.

Best Garden Accessories

Many passionate gardeners stick to essential tools while few ardent ones go overboard with it. Here, we pick a few of the latest garden accessories that you never knew you needed to turn your garden into a dreamland. Check them out!

1.     Mattock


The Mattock is hailed as the ultimate weapon of destruction to make life easy for any gardener. It strongly resembles a pickaxe in appearance. Its double-bladed head is attached to a handle.

The double-bladed head allows you to cut in both vertical and horizontal directions. One side of the blade is similar to that of an ax and helps you chop vertically. The opposite side to it has an adze that facilitates horizontal chopping.

A standout feature is that it can easily rotate through ninety degrees for cutting and chopping, which makes it one of the best tools to eliminate some thick and stubborn roots from your garden soil like a breeze. Moreover, as it functions both as an ax and adze at a time, it helps break through the hard soil pan to loosen them up with greater ease and less force and toil from your end.

2.     Hori Hori

This Japanese tool will remind you of a narrow trowel with a sharp stainless-steel blade at its end. It offers you the dual functionality of a trowel as well as a knife. It is a handy tool to dig and cut holes for planting bulbs or digging and removing stubborn, weedy roots. Its calibrated body offers you the additional advantage of measuring the soil depth, dug-holes, etc.

3.     Grow tents

Not everybody has the luxury of a backyard garden. Hence, many take to indoor gardening. If you are an indoor gardener or into hydroponics, then a grow tent is an absolute necessity. These tall and compact units can easily fit inside your coat closets. Reflective interior walls, waterproof, lightproof, and airtight vents are a few of the features of a superior unit like the Gorilla grow tent. The interior space allows you to attach a fan, hang a grow light, or set a few plants.

They offer several advantages for growing leafy plants, nightshades, herbs, or any other plant indoors like:

  • It helps you maximize indoor gardening space. You can have your garden even in small areas like an empty corner.
  • You can do indoor gardening all year without worrying about outdoor climatic conditions.
  • It helps conserve energy.
  • It facilitates the circulation of clean air.
  • It helps optimize lighting.
  • It protects your plants from pests as they cannot thrive inside the tent.
  • Setting it up and operating it is user-friendly.

Overall, they take away plenty of the woes of indoor gardening. It’s a tool that you can never let go of.

4.     Shade cloth

Shade cloth

It is perhaps the most unappreciated and ignored garden tool. This sun-blocking material is mainly used for greenhouses. It helps reduce the temperature by blocking sunlight for cool-season vegetables like spinach, lettuce, or other greens for their health.

The cloth proves a boon in prolonging the harvest and delaying bolting.  You can also use this cloth to harden off indoor plants or homegrown seedlings to help them adapt better to the outdoor environment.

The cloth is primarily crafted of loosely woven polyester and sometimes aluminum and comes in knitted and woven kinds. It is available in varying densities to block varying amounts of light. The range can vary from 5% to 95%.

The knitted variety is generally preferred for gardening needs due to its easy installation, better durability, and excellent functionalities. The recommended shade cloth for a garden is that of 30 to 50% densities. Moreover, the fabric does not block water and helps plants remain hydrated.

You can call it sunscreen for plants, which defines its worth in your garden.

5.     Smart sprinklers

Smart sprinklers

Your garden tools cannot remain devoid of technological magic. Intelligent sprinklers are a perfect example of it. Most gardeners would admit that an important reason behind a damaged plant is too much or too little water. The intelligent sprinkler system takes care of this problem.

What makes the tool highly appealing is that you can turn it off and on via an app installed on your smartphone. Hence, you need not be in your garden to water your plants. The system functions by replacing the timer in the in-ground sprinkler systems or can even be hooked to your garden hose.

The system tracks the weather conditions and adjusts the watering schedule automatically and daily. They read wind conditions, rain forecasts, and other conditions to automatically adjust water amount and schedule of watering. The advanced systems also read soil conditions and sun exposure. They help conserve water and energy to help you save money while keeping your garden green and in top health.

The tool is indispensable for busy or old gardeners. Any gardener will love this tool.

Final words

Today, you have infinite choices of garden tools. You might have heard about some, using a few, and are unaware of others. Our recommended tools would make you appreciate their essentiality and usefulness in creating a healthy, beautiful, and mesmerizing garden.

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5 Garden Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

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