George Humphreys

George Humphreys

George Humphreys is an acclaimed musician renowned for his beautiful voice and versatile style of playing.

He has performed in several renowned opera houses, such as Zurich Opera House and London Handel Festival.

He has received many awards and honors for his talent, serving as an inspiration to his students.

Early Life and Education

George Humphreys was born in Kent, England on July 17, 1889. After attending Oxford for classics and studying psychology at Leipzig with Wilhelm Wundt, he pursued a career as a physician.

He then earned a doctorate in psychology from Harvard University and published numerous scientific papers and books on subjects such as chemistry, biology, and philosophy.

As a student, Humphreys was deeply inspired by Wilhelm Wundt and psychologist Raymond Dodge’s works. Additionally, he held firm to his belief in science’s potential to transform people’s lives for the better.

On his return to America, Humphreys opened a wool and textile manufacturing business in Connecticut. He believed that high-quality wool would be essential for America’s industrialization process. Furthermore, he championed legislation that required factory inspections and tariffs on foreign goods to safeguard this industry.

Professional Career

Humphries is an acclaimed poet who has penned multiple volumes of poetry. His works range from exuberant and captivating to those that reflect passion, nature and everyday life.

He has earned a number of prestigious awards, such as the Shelley Memorial Award for Poetry and Borestone Mountain Poetry Award. Additionally, he was named a Distinguished Scholar by the University of Massachusetts.

Chentao, a media professional, covers breaking news in Yunnan Province and reports on environmental protection, endangered species, minorities’ traditional culture, health concerns and border conflicts. Additionally, during his Humphrey year he plans to learn how to produce more professional video news segments.

Achievements and Honors

George Humphries achieved many remarkable accomplishments throughout his life. He served as the first president of the HBCU Executive Leadership Council at Clark Atlanta University and founded and directed numerous local businesses.

He dedicated his time to furthering education and creating a legacy of scholarship at several HBCUs. For his accomplishments, he was recognized with numerous awards and honors such as the Lifetime Achievement Award from Penn State University and the first Dr. Fredrick S. Humphries Leadership Award from Clark Atlanta University.

He was an accomplished poet, publishing several volumes of poetry. His pieces explore nature, passion, sports, travel and everyday scenes with often exuberant language that often rhymes and includes lighthearted humor. As such his works were popular choices among students as well as teachers alike.

Personal Life

George Humphries lived an extraordinary life. He was a soldier, diplomat, writer, poet, orator and industrialist who became close to George Washington during his lifetime.

He was also a military historian and wrote biographies of Washington, Jefferson, and other founding generation figures. As an eyewitness to the Early Republic, his speeches and writings are widely read by historians.

After serving in the American Revolution, he was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain, a position which took him to Europe and developed his diplomatic abilities. Through negotiations, he was able to secure the release of American ships captured by Spanish vessels during hostilities. His position lasted several years, during which time he maintained contact with George Washington.

Net Worth

Humphries is the adorable son of Debra and William Humphries. His dad is a former University of Minnesota football player and half African American; while his mother is Caucasian of entirely German heritage.

He is the proud father of three children, Kristopher Nathan Humphries, Krystal Humphries and Kaela Humphries. He spent his youth growing up alongside his siblings in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He was an exceptional swimmer throughout his childhood, winning multiple national and international championships. Additionally, he represented Minnesota in the swimming pool.

He went on to play professional basketball for several teams, including the Utah Jazz. As a result of his successful basketball career and business ventures, his net worth has skyrocketed. Additionally, his relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian has given him immense exposure.

George Humphreys

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