Everything to Know About Getting a Fake High School Diploma

fake high school diploma

Every year, over 3 million high school students graduate. And every year, thousands of those same students inevitably lose the diplomas they just received.

While you could hope that your school can provide a copy, that’s not your only option. Thanks to the Internet, you can also buy a replica diploma!

But should you?

Keep reading to learn more about why, how, and if you should buy a fake high school diploma.

Why Buy a Fake Diploma?

If you clicked on this article out of sheer curiosity, you’re no doubt wondering what would lead someone to purchase a fake diploma. After all, can’t you just contact your old school and get a replica?

You certainly can. However, if you’ve ever dealt with school administration before, you know how frustrating and time-consuming the process can be.

If you do manage to get ahold of someone who can guide you through the process, you’ll still have to wait a few weeks before your diploma arrives in the mail.

Time isn’t the only thing you’ll have to spend, either. Most schools charge a reprinting fee.

If your school closed or you can’t get in touch with them, you can always contact the state accreditation board. This process is often more frustrating and difficult than going through your school, though.

Using a fake diploma maker is faster and easier than waiting for your old high school to follow through.

Plus, they make great office decorations or gag gifts.

Is Buying a Fake High School Diploma Legal?

At first glance, it might sound like a shady endeavor. But, for the most part, buying a fake diploma is perfectly legal.

That is, assuming you have no plans to pass it off as a real diploma.

If you attempt to submit the certification as an official document, you’re breaking the law and can face serious consequences.

That’s precisely what happened to Melissa Howard, a Florida woman who ran for a local House seat. Howard tried to pass off a fake college diploma from the University of Miami. The scandal cost her the campaign and led to legal troubles, resulting in a deal with prosecutors.

How to Buy a Replica Diploma

Buying a diploma online is super easy. Tons of sites offer real-looking replacement documents that you can have delivered straight to your door. Most even let you customize the degree to your liking so you can make it look more accurate.

When shopping for diplomas online, you’ll want to pay close attention to three important details:

  • Quality
  • Customer reviews
  • Pricing

Always check a site’s reviews before handing them your credit card information. While most diploma sites are genuine, there are plenty of fakers out there.

Everything to Know About Buying a Fake Diploma

To recap, yes, buying a fake high school diploma is perfectly legal. As long as you’re not trying to pass it off as an authentic document, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a replica diploma.

Furthermore, buying an online diploma is often easier and more affordable than getting an official copy from your school, making it a great choice.

For more tips on all things education, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!

Everything to Know About Getting a Fake High School Diploma

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