Gold Olive

Gold Olive

Gold olive is an extraordinary, ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with 24 Karat edible gold for maximum flavor and health benefits.

High quality extra virgin olive oils such as Morocco Gold are packed with beneficial polyphenols that have been widely studied, helping reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar levels and promote skin health.

Early Life and Education

Olive was raised in an upper middle class household in Norfolk. She attended Cambridge’s Perse School – an outstanding girls grammar school – then Newnham College (1871), studying the Modern and Medieval Language Tripos with particular focus on French and German studies.

Morocco Gold olives are grown in super high density groves, in which trees form long hedges. This cultivation method creates less stress on the trees while yielding an increased crop yield. Furthermore, olive oil’s high concentration of polyphenols and MUFA makes it heart healthy while improving immunity, as well as lowering bad cholesterol,blood pressure and risk for cancer and diabetes – hence Homer dubbing olive oil “liquid gold”.

Professional Career

Gold olive is a brand of premium extra virgin olive oil infused with edible gold flakes for flavor enhancement and facial moisturizer purposes. Available for purchase online and in select retail locations throughout the US.

EVOO produced with Pierias olives grown at the foothills of Mount Olympus is blended with 24-karat gold flakes to produce an exquisite modern product.

Kathryn Tomajan, co-owner of our company and one of its co-owners, serves on an olive oil taste panel and conducts quality and consistency tests on batches to ensure their quality and consistency. Additionally, she has served as judge at several international competitions dedicated to olive oil judging. Kathryn has an incredible passion for her craft – she truly enjoys olive oil!

Achievement and Honors

olive oil producers on Crete are using cutting-edge technologies and methods, along with meticulous attention to detail, to pioneer innovative approaches to an age-old product – extra virgin olive oils. Their innovative production has led to an array of gourmet extra virgin olive oils and gourmet food products which have received multiple awards at major international competitions.

Rio Vista Olives won a record fifteen medals at this year’s Golden Olive Awards, including seven golds for its Single Variety Nevadillo and Frantoio olives as well as their vintage range Augusto olive oil, eight silvers for Nothin’ But Olives Mild Classic Robust olive oils as well as one design award for packaging design.

Tomislav Duvnjak of Croatia’s Dalmatia region was delighted to see three golds awarded at the New York Institute of Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). First Fresh EVOO even won an Health Claim award after passing through rigorous chemical analysis to test for phenolic content.

Personal Life

Homer coined olive oil “liquid gold,” making it a crucial component of Mediterranean cooking throughout history. While some experts advise against eating oil due to the potential risk of clogging your arteries, other say using specific types can reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease.

Finding the appropriate olive oil depends on knowing your needs. Some bottles are designed for high-heat cooking such as sauteing or frying while others can be used in salad dressings or for dipping bread slices.

Fat Gold’s Frantoio olive oil is bold and peppery, featuring green notes of artichoke and freshly-picked tomatoes – ideal for adding dimension to citrus salads topped with flaky sea salt, or drizzled over tomato gazpacho!

Net Worth

Homer famously described olive oil as “liquid gold”, and this luxurious extra virgin olive oil from Mount Olympus takes the notion one step further by infusing 24-karat edible gold flakes into its blend, offering an exquisite gourmet product in an attractive modern package.

Cobram’s first half 2021 results were slightly below last year due to lower harvest in Australia and difficulties sourcing Californian olive oil at reasonable prices in the United States. However, Cobram expects to purchase a 380-hectare parcel of land in America this year as well as upgrade their mill in Boort Victoria which will increase production capacity in FY23.

Cobram accounts for roughly 29 per cent of their global sales by selling olive oil in various other markets around the globe.

Gold Olive
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