Great Pyrenees Vs Golden Retriever

Choosing between a Great Pyrenees and a Golden Retriever? Which breed is better? These two dogs share many of the same traits. Both dogs are gentle and loyal to their families. Both breeds love to be around children and large properties. However, the Great Pyrenees is more independent. As such, training one of these dogs is a significant challenge.

Grooming is an important consideration when choosing between a Great Pyrenees or a Golden Retriever. The former has a thick coat and requires daily brushing and trimming to minimize shedding and prevent mats. A Golden must be bathed at least once per month to stay clean and smelling fresh. This large dog breed can also get overly excited when a visitor comes over.

The Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees make great family pets. These two breeds are bred to perform important tasks and live beside humans. They are a great choice for families with experience, but the Golden Retriever is better for new owners. Which breed is right for you? These are the key differences between them.

While both dogs are large, a Great Pyrenees is larger than a Golden retriever and is therefore more expensive than the former. However, this breed can be difficult to train and needs less exercise than its counterpart. The great pyrenees also needs more socialization and proper training. While a golden retriever is more active, the Great Pyrenees is less energetic.

Great Pyrenees Vs Golden Retriever
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