5 Great Virtual Reality Games To Play on Android

Virtual Reality Games

Looking for real games to play on the mobile phone, that gives you never-experienced fun. Then you are in the right place.  Here we have listed some of the best Virtual reality games readily available on the Google Play Store after thorough research.

Undoubtedly the gaming niche has reached a big breakthrough via the mobile gaming industry, and now it’s the time for virtual reality. It is one of the available and popular gaming platforms for consoles and PC. With the new advancement for gamers, technology, and consumers, you can enjoy VR gaming with many handheld mobile devices.

If you are very much into gaming, you must have heard about VR gaming on your mobile device. The VR gaming on mobiles is related to the video games that are specifically designed and the mobile devices that are integrated with the VR mobile headsets.

If you haven’t tried VR games yet, we recommend you grab a VR headset and start playing your favorite games. There are many websites to help you out with cheats for the games, like PUBG cheats, where you can enjoy the experience and start winning them over competitors. Do know that once you have tried it, you will find VR gaming quite immersive and addictive.

Here are five virtual reality games you can play on Android:

No Man’s sky

The adventure-action survival game known as No Man’s Sky, launched by the Hello Games, is one of the most anticipated games of the Virtual Reality world in 2019. Discovering and traversing in generated worlds in one epic adventure explored by many gamers would like to immerse in. Hello, Games can take it to the next level by making the experience a lot better in the No Man’s Sky game and is one of the strongest contenders for VR games in recent times.

Tetris Effect

It is always quite hard to put the experience of the Tetris effect in words. Although you are playing a regular game of Tetris, except the environment, you are playing for change. Every level has its flavor, with visuals and music tailored to the theme. For instance, you can play underwater and hear the noises while watching sparkling whales floating around the head.

It’s a hypnotic and psychedelic experience, and everyone should have a lot of privilege to play over.

Elite: Dangerous VR

The game dates back to three decades; the Elite franchise is one of the virtual reality games created by David Braben, which is incredible and never fails to entertain its players.

They tend to draw elements from their first game like exploring, trading, and engaging in combat within a procedural-generated, massive universe. The game attracted multipliers playing together, and the experience for the game is phenomenal in VR and online.

Room VR: Dark Matter

The game is based on the escape room, creepy horror, and is rolled in a single thing. Many puzzles are involved, which can be seen as challenging enough for the experienced gamers and clues for the players who need a helping hand.

The imagery and visuals for the game are fantastic. The game reflects Lovecraftian horror, Ancient Egyptian stories, and also early 20th-century detective stories.

The transitions to VR rooms are pretty great for the participants who are sensitive to motion sickness. There is also a gradual fade in and out, and that’s quite seamless to find on many games. You are allowed to choose from standing and sitting options and other intuitive controls being shown in a way that can help you in picking them quickly without any intrusion in the story.

Beasts of Legend VR-By Virtual Studios

The game spins around a futuristic VR game where you will be seated and looked around to experience the ride. The beasts of legend VR are separated in many episodes where you are taken on a ride via futuristic cities and various locales to fight, yes you guessed it right, legendary beasts.

The length for every episode varies, and most of them are around 7-10 minutes. Now pop up your headsets, take a seat, and propel through a futuristic world to stop legendary beasts.

Above is the list of games you can download and play your favorites on your Android mobile. Do pick the best one to start playing and enjoying the world of virtual reality games.

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5 Great Virtual Reality Games To Play on Android

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