Essential RV Accessories For A Successful Vacation

RV Accessories

Are you planning for your first-ever RV vacation? Well, there’s nothing better than traveling by your RV and having the freedom to drive wherever you want. But since RV is like your 2nd home, your travel experience would be a lot better if you had the necessary accessories in your RV.

Since you don’t want to get bored while driving, a great sound of music produced by Competition Subwoofers will surely make your RVing complete. 

However great music isn’t the only thing you need for RVing, here are the top RV accessories you will need on your trip.

Clean Drinking Hose

Surely we couldn’t live without clean drinking water, that’s why drinking hose is on top of our list. So, you can fill your drinking tank anywhere. However, when purchasing a drinking hose, make sure to consider the range of your hose since not all water sources are near to the portable inlets of your vehicle.

So, make sure to fill your water tank before you start driving to make sure you have enough water for your family to use during your RVing.

Coffee Maker

We are sure that most RVer would love to have a cup of coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the RV Park or forest. Since coffee is essential to some RVer, it would be less hassle if you already have someone to make coffee for you, and a coffee maker will do this job. 

What’s great about a coffee maker is that you can already make your coffee and hit the button to make your coffee hot again. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Since we don’t see the condition of our tires during our travels, sometimes it’s indeed risky to most RVer that our tires might blow out. Once your tire blows out, you will surely lose control of your RV, which can greatly put everyone in danger inside your vehicle.

This is why tire pressure monitoring is one of the essential RV accessories that will surely be a good tool to monitor the pressure on your tire. In this, you can digitally monitor it using the tire pressure gauge.

This tool will ensure that you can know the danger before it even happens.

Propane Fire Pit

Your RV camping wouldn’t be complete without a campfire, and of course, a propane fire pit will make that possible. This tool can handle and be powered by a 5 to 20-gallon propane tank; it’s good that it’s built compact, so it can fit even small storage.

You can surely use this whenever a campsite doesn’t allow an RVer to build a campfire on their site.

First Aid Kit

As we always say, “Safety First ” that’s why the first aid kit shouldn’t be neglected. Since you are driving in a campsite or a forest, there are unexpected things that could happen. So, having this tool is a great help when things don’t go in the right way. Make sure to have alcohol, cotton, anti-histamine, and other first-aid tools that are necessary.

BBQ tools and Grill

If you are a person who loves roasted food, then having a complete set of BBQ tools is something you should not forget to add to your checklist. There are BBQ tools available in the market, which come in a complete set; some come with a spatula, skewers, grill scapers, and typically all the basic tools you need for BBQing. 

Some RV sites have an available BBQ area open for all RVer, but if you want to make sure you can cook your food on time, it would be better to bring your RV grill.

Canopy Tent

Since the weather is unpredictable, bringing a canopy with you is indeed a good move. For you to still enjoy your RV campsite regardless of the weather, we suggest you bring a canopy tent. Then, when it suddenly rains, you can still hang out outside of your RV, and if you need an extra shade, a canopy can also give that for you.

RV Sewer Tote

Next on our list is Sewer Tote; you should already know why you should have this tool. Since you are driving an RV, RVing means you will take a couple of days before heading home. Therefore, it’s essential to have a tool where you can throw all your waste. Without a sewer tote, this can cause you so much hassle while you are on the road.

Just make sure you will be responsible for disposing of the waste from your sewer tote.

RV fridge

RV fridge is also part of our list since you will need to store all your perishable food. Also, if you plan to bring drinks, you might be needing this to cool it off. An RV fridge is essential most especially if you’re planning to travel with your family for a couple of days or more. By that, no matter what happens, you are sure that you have a stock of food that you can cook anytime you want.

RV Coolant

This is essential to make sure your RV engine will stay cool while you’re on the road. RV coolant is your engine’s best friend since it makes sure that even in high-temperature places, your coolant helps your engine avoid overheating. Also, even at freezing temperature, your coolant will ensure that your engine will be in good shape.

Coolant is far more different from water, so if you are in a location with a high temperature or planning to travel to a freezing location, we suggest you use coolant instead of water.


The secret to a happy adventure is, of course, being prepared, so make sure you will have everything on the list before you start driving. However, the safety of your family and your RV will still depend on you, so we want you to be a responsible driver and camper. Always respect your neighbors from the campsite and know their privacy, and use these tools above responsibly.

Essential RV Accessories For A Successful Vacation

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