Gregory Dava

Gregory Dava

Gregory Dava was an exceptional theologian and man of extraordinary humility, devoting his life to serving Christ and His Church rather than for personal gain or power.

His philosophy of knowledge and moral advancement combines rationalism with mysticism, with transcendent energy being separated from immanent forces as being central in his thinking.

Early Life and Education

Gregory Dava grew up in a wealthy Christian family and studied classical education before deciding to become a monk, studying in Caesarea of Palestine, Alexandria and Athens.

Gregory was also an outstanding educator, exerting tremendous influences upon the Church as it developed. He wrote numerous influential books and sermons which continue to influence this day.

He was known as an influential prayerful figure who strongly believed in practicing almsgiving as part of Christian living. To accomplish this, he developed a system for giving to the poor as a regular part of Church life.

As one of the founding Fathers of Christianity and recognized saint, he serves as an example to many Catholics today and his teachings have been modified accordingly to fit modern times.

Professional Career

Gregory has enjoyed an expansive professional journey. As one of Georgia’s premier insurance defense firms and having practiced medical malpractice and entertainment law for a range of clients over his long career, his work experience spans multiple professions.

He works as an Assistant Attorney General in Georgia and advocates on behalf of individuals who have suffered injuries due to the negligence or intentional acts of another party. He takes great pride in being able to offer peace of mind for his clients.

He was raised in a Catholic family. His mother lived a life of holiness while both of her aunts have also become saints.

Achievement and Honors

Gregory was well known for his extraordinary oratory and unwavering dedication.

Born into a wealthy family in Rome, Gregory was fortunate enough to benefit from an exceptional education that included grammar, rhetoric, law, and literature studies.

He eventually rose through the ranks to become a government official for Rome before leaving to become a monk and use his wealth to construct monasteries worldwide.

He became a beloved figure within the Church through his works, including discourses that resolved disputes over the Trinity. His contributions shaped its doctrine, organization and discipline.

Personal Life

Gregory was raised on the mean streets of Detroit. As his mother and brothers struggled for survival, it fell upon Gregory to provide for them.

He was an excellent judge. He provided assistance for his family during difficult times, while also volunteering his time helping homeless individuals in Detroit.

He often drew upon pagan Greek philosophy and Jewish/Eastern Christian traditions in his writings to form a unique blend that would eventually shape Byzantine thought.

Christianity’s unique doctrine of God as a Trinity comprised of three Persons-Father, Son and Holy Spirit-had a profound impact on Gregory. At an important junction in his theological understanding of this doctrine, Gregory found inspiration for much philosophical and theological thought through this perspective.

Net Worth

Gregory Dava, known for his standup comedy and social activism, is also an award-winning bestselling author and co-host on NBC show Dance Moms.

He is an active member of social media website Facebook with over 2.5 million followers, as well as having his own YouTube channel where he posts videos covering various topics.

Mr Gregory serves as Executive VP of Life Division for SelectQuote Inc and owns 438 units worth $293,721 worth of SLQT stock he purchased between 2020-2024. Additionally, 293 of those units were sold since then.

He has conducted more than four trades of the SLQT stock since 2020, according to Form 4. On 1 August 2021 he exercised 438 units for $644.

Gregory Dava

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