A Prerequisite Guide On Female Modelling For Beginners

Female Modelling

Do you visualise yourself as the next Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, or the next Victoria Beckham? Have you grown up reading all the glossy magazines such as Cosmopolitan or Grazia and posed like models? If yes, then it is probably time to materialise this dream. But, wait before we begin; here are a few prerequisites for becoming a female model in the UK, helping you soar through your modelling career.

The Pros and Cons

Like any other industry, the modelling field also has its perks and drawbacks. Modelling can seem very enticing and a thrilling experience from the outside, but it is a challenging and daunting experience from the inside. The industry is notoriously competitive. You will come across plenty of young and able models struggling to get a good opportunity or role. This industry is not for you if you get carried away with glam. Instead, this industry is highly demanding, and to succeed, you must be prepared to tackle everything responsibly and professionally. It could be mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing with the long working hours and work pressure and rejections. Only move further if you are stable enough to wait patiently and are passionate, committed, and determined for this career option.

Know Your Vitals

It is not uncommon that your entire modelling career depends on how you present yourself. Your physique, expressions, and features are what you bring to the table and is loved by the audience. After all, these are your strongest points. You must know about yourself better than anyone else. Every model has to follow a strict skincare and beauty regime. Eat well, exercise regularly and sleep well to optimise your appearance.

Modelling Categories

In modelling, there is something for everyone to choose from. Let us guide you through a few varied career options available.

  1. Runway Modelling: Runway Modelling, also known as Fashion Modelling, is for models with standard height, weight and measurements. Such models work with high-end fashion designers and brands for editorials, runways, fashion shows.
  2. Catalogue Modelling: With numerous clothing brands, demand for catalogue modelling is surging. Clothing companies are always looking for models to showcase their product line for print and digital media. This stream has continuous work opportunities, unlike fashion modelling.
  3. Commercial Modelling: Commercial Modelling is one of the niches of the fashion world, which provides more comprehensive market access by including retail, digital, print, and television. Commercial brands hire models to promote their products to the target audience successfully.
  4. Petite Modelling: Are you shunning away from your dream because you are shorter in stature than the rest? You would be glad to hear that modelling today accepts and offers a niche for all kinds of models of all heights! So, if you have a shorter build and want to get into modelling, start applying today.
  5. Plus-Size Modelling: Be yourself and flaunt who you are as modelling now has scope for women of all sorts of figures and sizes too! Talk about body positivity and your curves with any restriction and appeal to plenty of women out there!
  6. Fitness Modelling: If fitness and modelling both are your passion, combine them as one and pick your career niche into fitness modelling.

Create A Professional Portfolio 

Once you have selected your niche, the next essential requirement to be a model is to create a unique portfolio. How else will you present your work at interviews in a detailed manner? To make a professional model portfolio, you will require a professional photographer and a graphic designer. You need to design two kinds of portfolios: A hard copy portfolio and an online portfolio.

A hard copy portfolio is a typically printed portfolio that must include brief information about you such as name, height, weight, skin tone, measurements, niche and 8-10 professional shot photographs. On the other hand, an online portfolio is made in a PDF format which you can carry in a pen-drive for interviews and easily edit and share via email. Remember to make both your portfolios in a novel manner.

Get Networking 

You have to build opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for one! And for this, you will have to expose your work by approaching genuine agencies and creating your network. Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Email: Email your portfolio and professional photographs to as many casting agencies and directors as possible. It is only through your application that agencies will recognise and approach you based on your work.
  2. Fashion/Modelling Events: Attend networking events, get in the limelight, be seen! It is only when you attend, approach and expose your work in person by striking conversations, directors would notice you! Always carry a Z Card (Fashion Business Card) to slide it over to casting and directors to remember your details to call you for an interview.
  3. Social Media: Having a quirky and growing social media profile is a plus point as it helps to reach more people opening more avenues for you. It allows agencies to scout you and check your work through your uploaded images. It also helps garner more audience attention which aids in becoming a successful model.

Choose The Right Agency 

When new to this industry, you would come across various casting agencies which look tempting and offer tempting hiring opportunities. But, many of them are scam agencies and hence, it is essential to avoid the blunder at the start of your career by choosing the wrong agency!

Always research the agency online and through their existing and previous models before signing any contract. Read all clauses and terms of an agreement and ask and clarify if you have any doubts related to a particular section of the contract. Never sign a contract under force. Never sign any agency that asks for money before assigning you to work.

Why New Idol Models?

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A Prerequisite Guide On Female Modelling For Beginners

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