Happy New Year Headband

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You can make your own happy new year headband by folding a thin sheet of tissue paper multiple times. This creates a channel for your headband. After folding, cut the tissue paper to the length that you desire. After cutting the tissue paper, use hot glue to adhere the letters to the headband. You should leave a minimum of a quarter inch to one-inch of tissue paper over the headband. This will hide the tabs you glue the phrase to.

Headbands for Happy New Year come in many colors, including blue and black with silver lettering, green and red, as well as purple. Many have curling ribbons on one side. You can also get a black top hat. Some have glitter and some are even decorated with sparkling lights. These headbands are a fun alternative to tiaras.

If you’re celebrating the New Year with friends, a happy new year headband can make the party a success. These headbands are inexpensive and look good on most people. Most of them are lightweight and will fit most people. They are also great party favors and are a fun way to celebrate the upcoming year.

Happy New Year Headband
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