Health Benefits Of PTAC Units For Home Care

Health Benefits Of PTAC Units For Home Care

A PTAC unit can offer great benefits to home care providers and patients for a very reasonable price. Rarely do such significant health benefits come from such a simple and affordable investment into a patient’s living quarters. 

Whether you own a home care facility or you’re providing care for an individual in your home, here are just a few of the benefits of using PTAC units.

Health Benefits of PTAC Units

Reduce The Spread Of Germs

PTAC units circulate air only between the outdoors and one individual room. Air isn’t circulated between rooms at all. This is particularly important to protect vulnerable populations with weakened immune systems.

It means that if someone in your household has a cold, you won’t have to worry about someone being cared for in a separate apartment getting sick through the air conditioning. If you have a multi-unit care facility, Wall AC Units can help to prevent disease from spreading through your building.

Each Individual Can Choose Their Own Ideal Temperature 

PTAC units allow each person to choose their own perfect temperature. Since there is a separate unit for each room, everyone can have the best temperature for their needs. 

Temperature can be an important element in health. Disease doesn’t spread as easily in cold places, and many people enjoy a chilly room in which to feel cozy in bed. 

On the other hand, elderly citizens often prefer a much warmer temperature. With PTAC units, your residents won’t ever have to compromise with one another about the temperature. Instead, everyone will be perfectly comfortable in their own space at their own preferred temperature.

Easy To Maintain And Keep Clean

Keeping air filters clean is an important element in preventing the spread of disease. Furthermore, clean air filters can reduce the incidence of mold and mildew. It can be hard to keep up on maintaining air filters in a central AC system. 

However, wall air conditioner filters are extremely easy to clean, and the best kind of filter for each individual’s needs can be used and maintained as needed.

Other Benefits Of PTAC Units For Home Health Care Providers

Provides Air Conditioning And Heat In One Convenient Unit

You probably don’t have a lot of extra space, whether you’re providing care in your private residence or you have a care facility. Therefore, the fact that PTAC units can both heat and cool a space is a huge advantage. Just purchase one efficient and affordable unit for all of your temperature control needs.


A refurbished PTAC unit can be purchased for only a few hundred dollars. You won’t have to worry about it staying in good condition either, since a refurbished PTAC unit from a quality company comes with a significant warranty.

Easy To Install

PTAC units are some of the easiest AC units to install. There is no ductwork to worry about, so all you have to do is install the unit and put it to work. You won’t have any trouble finding someone to install PTAC units in your facility. Anyone you use for everyday house or building maintenance will likely be able to do it.

Turn It Off When It’s Not In Use

If you’re like many home care facilities, all of the rooms aren’t always in use. A PTAC unit can be turned off when it’s not needed and fired up within seconds when you’re ready to use the room. You can even turn the unit off when a resident won’t be using the room for the day.

Consider A PTAC Unit For The Health Of Home Care Residents

A PTAC unit is a superb option for home health care. Not only can a PTAC unit keep your residents healthier, but there are many advantages of this kind of temperature control for caregivers as well. When you consider that PTAC units are affordable, easy to install, and can be used when needed, in addition to offering health benefits to residents, you’ll probably wonder why you ever considered any other kind of AC.

Health Benefits Of PTAC Units For Home Care

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