Helping Hounds Expands to New Facility

helping hounds expands to new facility 36154

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue Inc. was established on Kinne Road in Dewitt nearly ten years ago. Since then, thousands of dogs have found loving homes. The organization has already adopted 1,400 dogs this year, and plans to open a new facility in North Syracuse. Kevin Page, who has been volunteering with the nonprofit organization for three years, hopes the new facility will allow them to continue providing care for homeless dogs in the area.

Recently, Helping Hounds Dog Rescue celebrated its new facility with a “leash cutting” event. The shelter is now three times larger than its former location. It houses forty indoor and 22 outdoor kennels, as well as 22 puppy cages. Each cage is decorated using a photo and information about the dog. This event will raise funds to Helping Hounds as well as the efforts of donors and volunteers to help the dogs find homes.

Helping Hounds Expands to New Facility
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