Henry Benfield

Henry Benfield

Henry Benfield is an expert at what he does. Since the days of Winston Cup cars, he’s been providing them with fuel – 13 seconds of which include pouring 22 gallons of 110-octane gas into an automobile engine revving away. Henry makes good money doing what he’s great at: filling them up!

JoAnn O’Connor, Eleanor Stasulevich and Alex Stasulevich all provided similar descriptions of the driver of the car in which they found themselves.

Early Life and Education

He starred in various roles with London Bubble theatre company’s touring productions of Shakespeare plays, such as Malvolio from Twelfth Night and Salter from Caryl Churchill’s A Number. Additionally, he made numerous television drama appearances, such as in The Winter’s Tale and Titus Andronicus.

His rugged features and gruff voice made him ideal for portraying both tough-minded lawmen and hardened criminals, such as in the first series of Bulman or Floodtide; plus episodes of Eurocops.

He was a member of Salem Lutheran Church in Statesville, NC, and left behind Lorraine Norris as well as sons Damian and Ryan Norris from Cary,NC and Tracie Kiser from StatesvilleNC as survivors, along with two nieces and five grandchildren.

Professional Career

Henry Benfield has an extraordinary talent for drawing and painting. Although his pieces appear chaotic at first glance, filled with drawn lines and splashes of color, there lies hidden symmetry and beauty within his works.

He used to work full-time for Johnson but after being laid off from Yellow Freight needed extra money and began working the pit stop crews of Spencer and Elliott Sadler races.

Back then, pit stops were less orchestrated and took much longer. Without catch cans to prevent spillage of gasoline into the garages, gasoline would pour down like a waterfall and soak into jeans soaked with 110 octane gasoline that burned his skin if any got onto him.

At junkyard races in Pennsylvania, he would frequently engage in hilarious antics that included playing tricks on Jimmy Spencer and other drivers.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Benfield is an immensely gifted artist renowned for his works. He has earned numerous honors for them including being inducted into Marquis Who’s Who.

He is well-known for his skill at capturing human spirit in his paintings and drawings. Working quickly, he can see results at an early stage.

Benfield is running for city commissioner of DeBary, Florida. His two main opponents include Webster Barnaby with a six-figure campaign war chest but an unsuccessful track record and Zenaida Denizac who campaigns on protecting the environment; with Benfield having an edge due to being closer in time. But election campaigns often come down to who is making an impression right now – that is where Benfield stands out as being ahead.

Personal Life

Henry Benfield hails from Guyana and is an active member of both Georgetown Club and U. Guyana Workers Union. Additionally, Henry Benfield is also an accomplished artist exhibiting both paintings and drawings at exhibitions throughout Guyana.

He is best-known for his portrayals in TV dramas, particularly those featuring detective thrillers. In particular, he made notable appearances as a detective in Bulman (series 1) as well as Floodtide (cocaine-smuggling drama) and Eurocops.

He has appeared in various films, with small roles in Crossplot and I Don’t Want to Be Born. Additionally, he wrote two plays Post Horn Gallop and Wild Goose Chase for theatre productions; also appearing alongside Colin Baker in Catch-1782 audio play for Doctor Who audio play series.

Net Worth

Henry Benfield has become one of the most well-recognized actors worldwide in film, television and theatre since nearly 50 years. He is best known for portraying numerous character roles like Herbert Pocket in Great Expectations; Fagin in Oliver Twist; Col. Nicholson from The Bridge on the River Kwai; General Yevgraf Zhivago from Doctor Zhivago; Jacob Marley’s Ghost from Ronald Neame’s Scrooge.

Henry has also appeared in several television shows such as The Syndicate, First of the Summer Wine and Breakaway. At age 90 he still exudes confidence and remains an inspiration to many worldwide. It is estimated that Henry currently stands at an estimated worth of PS10 Million; he is proud father to four children and four grandchildren while living in Winnabow North Carolina.

Henry Benfield
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