5 High Paying Careers In Healthcare


If you’re struggling to settle on a career path, there are quite a few compelling reasons you should choose the healthcare industry. Not only are there so many different career opportunities within the industry, but most are also pretty well paid. Beyond the high pay and ample opportunity, you’ll also enjoy the enriching reward of helping people.

You’ll have job security, job satisfaction, a lot of room for growth, and a real chance to make a difference in the world.

So, if you’re wondering which careers in healthcare offer high-paying positions, we’ve listed five top options for you to consider.

Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is a medical health practitioner that provides pain medications and cares for patients before, during, and after medical surgeries. These practitioners are critical for surgical facilities.

These types of nurses make upwards of $180,000 per annum and report high job satisfaction as well.

On the lengthy path to becoming a nurse anesthetist, it’s essential to obtain your bachelor of science in nursing, pursue your registered nursing degree, then specialize in critical care nursing for one year. Next, you’ll need to obtain a master’s degree in nurse anesthesia, and then you must pass the National Board of Certification exams to start practicing.

You can find out more about nursing CEUs, courses & credits at reputable education providers. There are also several other nursing careers that pay well.


Physicians earn upwards of $210,000 per year, and your salary will increase depending on your specialty.

To become a physician, you’ll need to earn an undergraduate degree and then complete your medical college admissions test. Next, you’ll need to apply to medical school and earn a medical degree. Then, you can receive licensing and complete a residency program before becoming a licensed physician.


Dentists take home handsome annual incomes of over $160,000 per year. As a dentist, you’ll diagnose and treat various oral health issues and help society keep their pearly whites as white as they should be.

To become a dentist, you’ll need to get a bachelor’s of dental surgery or dental science, and then you’ll need to pass national and state licensing to start practicing. The qualification criteria will differ depending on which particular career in dentistry you choose.


Podiatrists are medical professionals that specialize in the foot and ankle area. These experts take home over $130,000 per year depending on experience, and the path to becoming a podiatrist is relatively straightforward as well.

You’ll need to follow the same route as to when becoming a physician and then specialize as a podiatrist.


Pharmacists make around $130,000 per year as well, and becoming a pharmacist is a lot easier than most other careers in healthcare.

You will need to obtain a four-year degree in pharmacy and then apply to become a registered pharmacist.

There are so many high-paying jobs in the healthcare industry worth considering. But if you’re still battling to settle on a career path, it’s wise to consult a career guidance counselor to help you choose a path that best suits your strengths and interests.

5 High Paying Careers In Healthcare

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