How to Help Sojiro in Persona 5

Sojiro can help you get started in Persona 5. Sojiro, a gruff old man, becomes your guardian once you start the game. Although he can seem aloof at first he is a great friend once you get to know him. You’ll need to speak to him in Leblanc. This will require Level 5 MAX Kindness.

The first part of relationship building with Sojiro involves helping him advance his Confidant rank. You’ll need to wait until April 18 (4/18) to advance this rank. Sojiro’s Confidant in persona 5 will only move up to rank 4 if he has attained the highest level Kindness. You will need to help him reach rank four before he can move on to rank 5.

You can also choose to help Sojiro in other ways than just talking to him. You can do things like help him gain new skills or get a bonus for completing missions. There are lots of options to choose from when you’re playing Persona 5. The official website also has a copy the Persona 5 guide. Be aware that the guide contains minor spoilers.

The game is easy to get into, and Sojiro Sakura will become your confidant after you’ve completed the game. While he initially seems to dislike you, he will soon become a valuable friend. By helping him, you can advance in the Hierophant Arcana, learn how to cook curry, and unlock a few abilities. These abilities are basic, but they’re useful.

Sojiro Sakura, your guardian and confidant in Persona 5, is your friend. Talking to him will earn you SP and help you level up your persona. Sojiro will give you more points the more you talk to him. But, he still needs your help. Ultimately, this is how to help Sojiro in Persona 5!

Answering questions in class and solving crossword clues can help you gain additional Knowledge. You can also help Sojiro in his Social Link by visiting Shinya in the Akihabara arcade. This is a rare sidequest, but it’s worth it for the extra kindness it can bring you. There are many ways to help Sojiro but the easiest is to just help him.

How to Help Sojiro in Persona 5
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