High Tide in New Jersey

On Sunday, Ocean City saw the highest tide for many years thanks to a nor’easter that was moving quickly. The water peaked before midnight and then retreated before sunrise. The flooding was the worst seen in Ocean City since the January 2016 hurricane Jonas. Extreme weather is created by northeast winds up to 50 mph and steady rain.

High tides in New Jersey are based on the location of the most accurate tide station, which in this case is the 9th Street Bridge in Ocean City. However, tide times may differ in other locations. No matter where you are, knowing the high tide and low tide times will allow you to have a great summer and be safe. To find out when the high tide will arrive, check out a tide chart. It will show you the height of the tide and the expected heights for the following month.

You can enjoy your Ocean City vacation or other recreational activities by knowing the tides. The tide levels can be a vital consideration if you plan to go kayaking, fishing, or surfing. Tide predictions can also be helpful for birding or hiking. To ensure you can enjoy the beach, it is important to check the tide levels before you leave home.

High and low tides in Ocean City occur at approximately the same times every day. For example, the 2:43 am low tide and the 8:49 pm high tide will occur. During these times, the water level will rise by 4.53 ft. The next low tide and high tide will occur on September 9, at 9:09 PM.

If the new moon coincides with the next high tide, it can result in street flooding. The new moon tide is predicted to be 5.06 feet. In addition to the high tide, sustained northeast winds will add another foot to the surge. The storm will move away from the shore as the tide continues to rise.

High Tide in New Jersey
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