New World of Warcraft – Major Cooking and Loot Luck Trophies

In the New World, you can gain trophies by crafting items. Some of these trophies are minor, while others are more difficult to obtain. Each trophy requires specific ingredients, so you must make sure that you have a high enough character level to make it. You can also use the trophies to get important bonuses.

The Minor Cooking Crafting Trophy, an uncommon rarity, is rare. To acquire it, you must have a Furnishing Skill Level 75, a Workshop Tier 3 or 4, and at least one item in your inventory. If you are able to craft it, you can earn up to 620 gs.

Earn the minor cooking trophy by creating food that can be used to craft the major trophies. It will also grant you a small bonus when you are using crafting stations. However, you can’t earn a major cooking trophy without a significant amount of furnishing, so make sure to keep your food safe. It can also help with the purchase of weapons.

Territories are not required to obtain the minor loot luck trophy. You need maple stain, a rabbit’s foot, 25 lumber, and 20 steel ingots for this trophy. With the help of a jewelry crafting trade skill, you can make earrings and rings. You can also make earrings and rings with gemstone dust.

New World of Warcraft – Major Cooking and Loot Luck Trophies
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