When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you wondering if you should hire a criminal defense attorney?

Getting into legal trouble is a stressful experience. When you break the law, you can experience a variety of problems, such as having to pay a fine, having to complete community service hours, or even facing jail time.

While a legal problem can be an overwhelming experience, it’s not always one that requires you to hire a lawyer.

However, some types of legal trouble are best handled by a lawyer. In those cases, failing to hire a lawyer can result in losing many years of your freedom. If you are wondering if you need a criminal lawyer, here are several signs that you do.

You Experienced an Arrest

One sign you need a criminal defense lawyer is if you experienced an arrest. This typically means the police have caught you committing a crime or have determined you are a suspect.

You Have Had Charges Filed Against You

One reason to search for a “defense attorney near me” is if you have had charges filed against you. Any serious charges require a defense, which is why you need a lawyer.

You Are Facing Charges

If you are facing charges, hiring a lawyer is a great idea. You might know about a crime or know you are a prime suspect in an investigation.

After these interactions, you might feel as if you will be facing charges soon. If so, hire a criminal lawyer right away.

You Have Been Questioned by the Police

One sign you need a lawyer is if you have been questioned by the police. Questioning implies you are a suspect in a crime. If you have been questioned by the police, visit peterlouielaw.com for help.

Your Home Has Been Searched

If you are wondering when to hire an attorney, one sign is if your home has been searched. This is a sign you are a suspect in a serious crime. If the police searched your home or office, get help immediately.

You Don’t Want a Public Defender

A common reason to hire a criminal defense lawyer is if you don’t want a public defender. Although public defenders are vital to our justice system, they are often overworked. If you want someone who has the time and resources to focus on your case, consider hiring a defense attorney.

These Are the Signs You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

There are several signs that hiring a criminal defense attorney is necessary.

If you experienced an arrest or have had criminal charges filed against you, consider hiring a lawyer. You might also need a lawyer if you are facing charges, the police questioned you, or the police searched your home. If you are in legal trouble and don’t want a public defender, consider hiring an attorney.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, contact an attorney right away.

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When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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