Planes, Trains and… COVID? Navigating Holiday Travel During the Pandemic

Holiday Travel During the Pandemic

With the Holiday season underway, thousands of people are traveling daily. While many are choosing to stay home this year, there are many more who don’t have that option. Whatever your reason for travel, you need to remain vigilant to help mitigate your risk for COVID exposure.

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The Air

Experts agree that one of the main routes of transmission of COVID is through infected droplets spread through the air. This is why wearing masks and face shields are important to help reduce exposing yourself to the virus, especially while traveling. While in transit, keep your masks and shields on at all times. If you do need to stop for a coffee or food, get your food to go and find an isolated area to enjoy your meal safely.

The Surfaces

When traveling, avoiding surfaces is next to impossible. From seat belts to countertops, at some point, you will need to touch somewhere that may not have been properly sanitized. Avoiding every surface may be impossible, but you can take preventative measures. These actions include wearing disposable gloves, wiping down surfaces, including your phone, when possible and changing out of your clothes once you arrive. By taking precautionary steps, you can help reduce your potential exposure and get to your destination germ-free.

The Body

In your efforts to stay healthy, you have the most control over your actions. Start by washing your hands frequently or using hand sanitizer when soap isn’t available, and avoid touching your face. These are just some of the steps you can take to avoid bringing COVID with you to your destination. Another easy way is to limit what you need to wash, remove unnecessary accessories before you travel, so you have fewer opportunities to pick anything up on the way.

However, your season looks this year, stay safe and healthy. Happy Holidays!

Planes, Trains and… COVID? Navigating Holiday Travel During the Pandemic

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