Hometown Tourism

Hometown Tourism

At times, traveling very far from home isn’t an option. Yet, it’s not healthy or wise for us to give up our hobbies. That’s why we need to get creative about our tourism at times. How many of us have taken the time to search for fun activities to do in our own towns and surrounding areas?

Go Outside and Play!

There’s usually more than just one place to find a certain activity across the country. You can find giant balls of string on both coasts in Baltimore, MD and Burns, OR. If you expand your list to include twine, you can add Cawker City, KS and Darwin, MN to your destination lists. If you’re bird watching, you don’t have too far to go at all no matter where your starting point is. If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic States, Cape May, NJ is a fantastic bird-watching destination. They have everything from migratory sea birds to apex aviary predators like falcons, hawks and bald eagles. In the Southeastern US, it’s not too far of a trek to take a bird watching trip to Captiva FL where you can spot unique birds in the mangrove islands. Arizona, New Mexico, California, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania and Maine all have phenomenal bird watching locations, too.

Get Crafty

Crayola has a hands-on museum. Seriously. You can make and name your own crayon, too. There are multiple locations. Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Minnesota all boast this family’s favorite destination. What do you love to do? How can you experience it close to home? You can find local classes on hobbies you already have or you can try your hand at new ones. There are train museums where you can help set up new tracks and art museums where you can try the medium of your favorite work. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Being a tourist in your own town can bring fun new experiences and a new appreciation for your own local scene.

Hometown Tourism

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