Guidelines That Help Children Attend Afterschool Programs

Afterschool Programs

Afterschool programs can improve children’s academic skills and develop their self-esteem. Be sure that your child physically attends only those programs that take the following precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are five guidelines that help children attend afterschool programs.

1. Screening Upon Arrival

Staff should take the temperatures of all individuals upon arrival at an afterschool program’s physical location to ensure that they are fever-free.

2. Control Over Participants

Consider only those programs that limit attendance to the same group of children every day. Confirm that children or staff visits from other programs that would typically occur for special events or activities do not happen during this time.

3. Social Distancing

The activities your child can expect to enjoy should promote social distancing. Consider enrolling school-age children in creative writing or reading programs Decatur AL, to foster literacy. Music programs help develop listening skills. Programs that offer safe and supervised outdoor activities are also an excellent afterschool option.

afterschool programs

4. Strict Sanitization Protocols

Even if a program practices proper social distancing, it must still maintain high standards for sanitization. Afterschool programs should use disposable supplies whenever possible. These include cups, napkins, towels, masks and gloves. Drinking directly from water fountains and eating from communal snack bowls are unacceptable.

It is critical to sanitize non-disposable objects after each use. Children and staff should wash and sanitize their hands and surfaces frequently throughout the day. You should expect to find a sanitization station at the facility entrance and others spaced throughout its premises.

5. Modified Work Stations

Children in afterschool programs benefit from many activities that improve academic learning. Programs that provide work stations and desks with protection from plexiglass barriers give children the ability to work on school-related assignments until they can go home.

Many people consider afterschool programs critical to recovery from the pandemic because, without them, businesses and families could suffer if parents cannot return to work. Moreover, children would miss out on significant opportunities to develop social, emotional and academic skills.

Guidelines That Help Children Attend Afterschool Programs

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