How an Attorney Can Help You After a Motor Vehicle Accident

How an Attorney Can Help You After a Motor Vehicle Accident

After some weeks pursuing a lawsuit for a motor vehicle accident can be overwhelming and hectic. Still, you shouldn’t go through all this, as motor vehicle accident lawyers are here to help. Sometimes you may suffer severe injuries that even force you to stop going to work. You may also worry about who will care for the other victims struggling with medical bills.

However, the lawyers will advocate for the number of victims suffering injuries, the medical bills they incur, and many other challenges that may arise.

This article examines how motor vehicle accident lawyers like Johnson Garcia LLP can help.

Investigating The Crash

The investigation is critical to a motor vehicle accident; Johnson Garcia LLP lawyers will gather all the necessary evidence for presenting your claim, including the witness’s statements and accident reports, and also take some photographs.

The lawyer will also contact the accident investigation officer to come and further witness the details of the accident. The final investigation report will contain details such as video footage, eyewitness statements, accident reports from the police officers, an assessment of the crash scene, and all your medical bills and records.

The Lawyer Will Contact the Insurance Company

Sometimes you may not have a good experience dealing with insurance after your car crash. However, Johnson Garcia LLP will make this process seamless for you; the lawyer will act as the correspondent, thereby saving you from most of the troubles associated with making insurance claims. The motor vehicle accident lawyer will also ensure you get fair compensation for the losses incurred.

They Will Help You Estimate Future Medical Bills

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and you sustain severe injuries, it is essential to note that you will not incur only the current medical cost; there are medical expenses that arise later.

A knowledgeable lawyer will estimate the future cost you will incur from continued treatment so that such expenses are included in the final settlement figure. Therefore, a final settlement amount will likely contain the current and future medical bills, property damage, and lost wages.

Protection from Debt Collectors

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to injuries that hinder you from going to work; they may also result in a permanent disability leading to a loss of income. Also, the accumulation of medical bills and other expenses can make you incapable of servicing an outstanding loan and attract debt collectors.

However, you should not worry, as motor vehicle accident lawyers such as Johnson Garcia LLP will protect you from persistent debt collectors. The lawyers are very knowledgeable about fair debt collection practices.

The Lawyer Will Help You to Negotiate a Fair Settlement Figure

Even though insurance companies are most likely to do what is in your best interest, it is a business just like any other, and therefore they may not be willing to pay large sums of money. However, with Johnson Garcia LLP, the lawyer will help you negotiate fair compensation covering all the expenses and losses suffered.


A motor vehicle accident attorney will help you investigate the crash, contact the insurance company to inform them about the accident, and also help you to estimate future medical expenses. The lawyers will also protect you from debt collectors and help you negotiate a fair settlement figure.

How an Attorney Can Help You After a Motor Vehicle Accident

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