How an Illinois Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

Differences Between Attorney and Lawyer

One of the most significant purchases that someone will make in their life will come when they purchase a car. While cars are normally reliable and will run well for a long time, there are situations when even a new car could require a lot of unexpected repairs. In these situations, you may be covered by the Illinois lemon law. If you believe you have purchased a lemon, hiring car lemon lawyers is a good option as they will offer various important services to ensure you have proper support.

Help You Understand Lemon Law

One of the services that will be provided by a lemon law attorney is that they can offer a consultation and ensure you understand the state’s lemon law. This can be a tricky law and receiving support will require various factors to be met. The lemon law involves defects that impact newer vehicles. For you to be covered under the lemon law, you must have a standard passenger vehicle that has less than 12,000 miles and be less than 12 months old at the time of the first repair. There must then be four attempts by the manufacturer to fix a defect.

If the vehicle repair needs allow it to qualify as a lemon, you could be entitled to a new replacement vehicle or full reimbursement. Your attorney will help you evaluate your situation to determine if your vehicle does qualify. They can then explain the forthcoming process to seek reimbursement.

Support Filing Claim

There are certain steps that need to be followed to receive reimbursement from the manufacturer. It is important that you properly document all repair attempts. If four attempts have taken place, your attorney will send a written notice to the manufacturer that you are intending to file a claim under the Illinois Lemon Law. You can then request a hearing from the Illinois Attorney General. Having an attorney handle this for you is advantageous as it can ensure you do not have any delays for administrative or filing mistakes.

Support During Arbitration

Once you have notified the manufacturer and applied for a hearing, you will soon receive notification about a hearing date. When you have an attorney helping you through the process, they can ensure you are properly prepared for the hearing. They will help gather all the information and prepare a case. Once arbitration arrives, they can handle all deliberations to help ensure you are properly represented.

If you do not receive the outcome you are hoping for, they can provide ongoing support with an appeal. If the initial outcome is favorable, the attorney can help ensure the manufacturer follows through with the requirements set by the arbitrator, which can include buying back the car or providing you with a new one within a reasonable period of time.

When you buy a car in Illinois, you will be under the assumption that it will provide you with a safe and reliable mode of transportation for years to come. However, there are situations when you may purchase a car that never seems to work correctly and comes with many repair needs. If you do purchase a lemon, it could be covered by the Illinois lemon law. In these situations, local lemon law attorneys can offer various services that will ensure you are properly supported.

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How an Illinois Lemon Law Attorney Can Help
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