How Much is a 1988 Ten Dollar Bill Worth?

What is the value of a 1988 ten-dollar bill? There are several factors to consider when evaluating a bill’s value. If the bill is old, it may have a lower value than its face value. Before you buy it, you should consider its condition and serial number. These factors will determine the value of an old bill, but there’s good news: You can still find valuable paper money in the United States.

In addition to its face value, a 1988 ten dollar bill is valuable if it is in extremely fine condition. A rare bill with a fine-to-excellent condition can sell for about $15, while an extremely fine bill with a grade of MS 63 can fetch up to $35. It will take a lot of time to determine how much an 1988 bill is worth, but it’s well worth the effort if you’ve got the right information.

It’s unlikely that a 1988 ten-dollar bill will be worth much if you recently bought one. Nonetheless, if you find one that’s in uncirculated condition, it could be worth as much as $50. A bill with stars could be even more valuable. A 1988 $20 bill is worth $50-55 if it’s in uncirculated condition, and a light green seal will increase its value.

Although old $20 bills are not uncommon, they can be very valuable. A 1922 $20 gold certificate, for instance, can be worth $100 if it’s in perfect condition, but can fetch as much as a thousand dollars if it’s in perfect condition. The 1988 ten-dollar bill is unique in that it has an embedded thread running vertically across the portrait. It also bears the words “USA” as well as the number 100. If you expose this thread to ultraviolet light, it will glow pink.

How Much is a 1988 Ten Dollar Bill Worth?
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