How Much Is Jrue Holiday Worth?

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We’ve all heard of basketball superstars and have wondered how much Jrue Holiday is worth. Holiday is no exception. Holiday was selected number twelve in 2009 NBA Draft. He has averaged seven-and-a half wins per rebound over his three-year career. He is married to Lauren Cheney. Currently, he has two children, a daughter named Sadie and a son named Aaron.

Jrue Holiday was a point guard in the 2009 NBA Draft

Originally from California, Jrue Holiday played basketball at Campbell Hall School. As a senior, he averaged double-doubles and showed off his defensive capabilities with 4.8 steals per game. Holiday led the school to the state championship, where he was ranked the top point guard and second overall. Holiday, who graduated from UCLA, played four seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers. He was an All-American in his fourth year. He was traded to New Orleans Pelicans in 2013, and has been a successful veteran.

While not a true point guard, Holiday has an excellent skill set and is unselfish on the court. Holiday is patient on pick-and roll and plays the game at a good pace, letting the ball drop to him when it is in front of him. Holiday can make his own shot, especially if there is a clear path to get to the rim. Holiday is also a good size.

After a successful rookie season, Holiday declared for the 2009 NBA Draft and was selected 17th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers. Holiday averaged 14.1 points per contest his first year and was named to All-Star Team. The following year, he improved his scoring average and was named to the All-Defensive First Team. However, he’ll likely end up playing point guard for his professional career.

Holiday was a great shooter and converted only 51% of his attempts. Holiday has a great talent, but his leaping ability is a problem. With his all-around versatility, Holiday should be a high pick in the next NBA Draft. Holiday’s offensive game is his strongest strength, but his inability to be explosive and agile will ultimately hurt him.

He is ranked at number 12 at 7.4 WAR

Jue Holiday is a secondary star who has proven himself to be an excellent player and a valuable asset. He is not a true point-guard, but his versatility as a secondary star has earned him respect from his opponents. He can take the defensive glass and get the ball while still being respected on the catch. Holiday has a low percentage of field goals, but still manages to fill out the stat sheet. He should benefit from flanking Gianni Antetokounmpo.

Holiday’s stock could be hurt if he doesn’t get enough playing time in the second half. He averaged 18.6 points last year, but struggled in playoffs. His defense was a major concern in the second round. His size can pose problems for skilled fives on defense. However, his role will most likely be limited to scoring and defense in the Lakers’ offense. With Davis and Marc Gasol likely to be the Lakers’ primary centers, the role for Holiday should be primarily scoring.

Lauren Cheney is his wife

Jrue Holiday is married to Lauren Cheney. Lauren was previously known as the mother of actor Evan Turner, but her marriage to the NBA point guard drew a lot of attention. Holiday’s mother Lauren is a former UCLA standout and was once mistaken for Darren Collison, but that’s no longer the case. Holiday and Cheney were married in 2013, just months after Evan was diagnosed. The couple have a daughter, Jrue Tyler Holiday.

Lauren was pregnant when she started having terrible headaches. After suffering severe headaches, Lauren decided to have an MRI. Doctors discovered a benign tumor in her brain, just above her eye socket and on her right side. The tumor was believed to be caused by a form of brain cancer called meningioma. This tumor is often accelerated by hormones during pregnancy. It is currently unknown what caused the tumor.

While she was at UCLA, Holiday was an All-American in basketball and Cheney was a freshman. They met at a basketball game and quickly struck up a friendship. They became romantically involved later. Andre Igoudala, who was in their team, was also in attendance. They met while watching soccer and basketball women’s. They were married later. Their marriage was a surprise to many, but it made her a star in the entertainment industry.

Lauren Cheney and Rue Holiday met at UCLA. Lauren was a star forward and point guard. She was the second highest goal scorer in thirteen games. Their love story was a long one, and they later married. Their marriage was announced on July 6, 2013.

He is a 2 times gold medalist with the USA women’s national team

Rue Holiday and Lauren Holiday are two American athletes that have won Olympic gold. Holiday won gold with the women’s soccer team at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Her mother, Pamela, was a two time gold medalist with the USA women’s national team. JaVale McGee, her husband, hopes to match her record at 2024 Olympics.

The Milwaukee Bucks point guard won Olympic gold in 2008. She won back-to-back NWSL Championships in Kansas City and a World Cup for the USA women’s team. Holiday was also married to Jrue Holiday, a professional basketball player. They met at UCLA and are now pursuing careers as lawyers. Holiday is also an endorser for Chobani and Under Armour.

Lauren was born in New York and played soccer professionally with FC Kansas City. Her jersey was retired in 2012 after she gave birth to her son. She earned many accolades with FC Kansas City and was named the league’s MVP. She was also named the most valuable player in 2013. She also received a Golden Boot award. However, she is now retired from soccer. Holiday is the mother of two children, in addition to her Olympic achievements.

After winning the World Cup in 2011, Holiday has made her name as a top player for the USA women’s national team. In the last Olympics, she was named the MVP of the final game with two goals and three assists. Her stellar play in the tournament has won her numerous accolades and acclaim. Holiday is an excellent facilitator for Team USA and a fierce defender.

How Much Is Jrue Holiday Worth?
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