How Much is Marie Holmes Worth Today?


Marie Holmes was born in 1989 and spent her childhood in Shallotte, North Carolina, with two other siblings. Holmes had always tried to avoid the spotlight, and most of her life before winning the lottery is a mystery. The general public is aware that she had a difficult upbringing and had spent her entire life in poverty before her fortunate strike.

Early life

Marie Holmes is an American single mother who became well-known after winning the 2015 Powerball Lottery. She went from surviving on two jobs a day to becoming a millionaire in a single day. Despite her life-altering victory, Holmes has not had everything go her way. She has been repeatedly accused of not being smart enough with the money. However, she has unquestionably made positive changes in her own and her children’s lives. With only a portion of the winnings remaining, Holmes lives with her four children at present.

Life struggle

Marie Holmes was a single mother of four children in North Carolina a few years ago. The money she received was a lump sum of $188 million. She chose to take the cash as a lump sum rather than spread it over several years. Marie Holmes’ net worth today is estimated to be approximately $190 million. However, her life has been far from easy. After her win, she struggled to pay her bills and juggle multiple jobs. 


Holmes’ net worth increased dramatically after she won the lottery, but she is still a single mother to four children. She had four small children and one of them was disabled. Since her income was not high, she changed jobs frequently. Her son was diagnosed with cerebral Palsy, a lifelong disability. Despite not having much money, she decided that she would stay home to care for her son and the two other children. Her mother eventually agreed to invest $9.7 million in her son’s future.

Net Worth

The movie “Maria” has significantly increased Holmes’ net worth. According to her website, she donated over $680 to a church. Despite being accused by some relatives of stealing a lottery ticket, she remained committed to raising her children and giving back to the community. Holmes has a net worth of $88 million. Her total wealth is lower than the $100 million she reported in the media.


Her recent relationship with LaMar McDaw, a drug dealer, is one of the reasons her net worth is so low. Her fiancee, a drug dealer and a spiritual guide offered her spiritual guidance and she agreed to make a generous gift to her church. 

The relationship between Holmes and McDow began in 2012, while she was working at McDonald’s. They dated for four years and had two children together. Holmes was pregnant with her second child in 2012.

McDaw was detained and released on bail. Holmes was forced to pay for his bail. Holmes worked two jobs, earning $31 an hour to make ends meet. She was unable to pay all his bails so she ended the relationship. The couple broke up in 2017, but they remained close. 

Financial Hardships

Marie has had a lot of financial hardships in her life. Her boyfriend’s arrest and the lawsuit, as well as her financial troubles, have contributed to the size of her net worth today. She has since used some of her money to set up her own auto repair business and purchased a $15,000 Rolex encrusted with diamonds. However, there are still many problems ahead for the Hollywood star.


Marie Holmes was a single mother in 2015 when she won the $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot. Even though her life was already full of excitement, the money was enough for her to become a millionaire. Despite the financial controversies, she has been determined to make a positive difference in her life, raising four children. Holmes is a role model for younger generations, despite the controversy surrounding her winnings.

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How Much is Marie Holmes Worth Today?
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