How Much Is Mary Lou Retton Worth?

Mary Lou Retton is one of the most famous athletes of the 1980s, and her net worth is well over $8 million. After winning the 1984 Summer Olympics gold medal in gymnastics, she rose to stardom. She became the first female athlete to appear on a cereal box, and has since served as a spokesperson for drugstore chain Revco, pain relief cream Australian Dream, and several other companies. She is also a gymnastic analyst and has appeared in many movies.

Mary married Shannon Kelley in 1990. They were married 27 years and had four daughters. Their marriage broke down in 2013, and their relationship dissolved in 2017. Mary is the mother of four daughters, including McKenna Kelley who scored a near perfect 10 at the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships. Her eldest daughter recently got engaged to Wyatt Schrepfer, which further increased her net worth.

Retton is also married to a Houston real estate developer. Her assets total approximately $8 million. Retton married Shannon Kelley, a former college football star, in 1990. Their relationship started when Shannon and Mary Lou reacted to one another’s performances on television. They dated for ten years before they tied the knot. Retton is the father of four daughters, one of which is McKenna Kelly who is a skilled gymnast.

Retton’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Retton earned her wealth as a professional gymnast. Her net worth will likely grow over the next few decades. Currently, she has been enjoying fame and success as a television personality and speaker. She also has appeared in numerous commercial endorsements, and she has even posed for the front of a Wheaties box. In addition, she is a frequent analyst on televised gymnastics.

Retton has seen her net worth increase steadily over the years. She is now fifty-four years old, single, and lives in WV. Her net worth is estimated to be higher in 2020 and beyond. Her net worth has risen by around $1,155,000 a month. However, she still has a long way to go! It is difficult to estimate her worth, but her net worth seems to have increased in recent years.

Marry Lou Retton has married four times. Her marriage to Michael Kelly ended in February 2018, and news of her divorce became public in October. The news was made public when she appeared on Dancing With the Stars. She thanked her daughters, who supported her through a difficult period. She also reportedly has four daughters, McKenna, Skyla, and Emma. The actress’ net worth has increased in the last decade.

Retton has appeared on numerous television and film shows. She was a star in the comedy “Scrooged.” She also appeared in the comedy movie “Scrooged” and in a commercial for RadioShack’s radio equipment company RadioShack. She also participated in the 27th season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Retton & Farber were the fifth couple eliminated from Season 27, and she finished in ninth place.

How Much Is Mary Lou Retton Worth?
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