How to Avoid Cloud Coverage on Third Down

To avoid cloud coverage, the Bengals have been trying different routes for Chase. In fact, they’ve even tried having Chase line up as a running back on a few plays against the New York Jets. Although this is not the best option, it can often be a good way to improve your offense’s chances of success. How can you tackle cloud coverage? Here are three ways you can do it:

On third down, Chase beats the corner on a deep outside release and is open against a single safety. This opens up his routes and he gets a good throw from the quarterback. Unfortunately, he drops the pass, wasting an opportunity to score a touchdown. Chase has missed many scoring opportunities in recent weeks. Here are a few things to keep in mind when analyzing Chase’s plays.

The running back position is a very versatile one. Chase can line up in the backfield or in the sidelines. In college, he lined up in the backfield. The running back position allows him to run a variety of routes. His athleticism means he can avoid being on two teams. Chase was the Bengals’ fifth overall pick in 2021 NFL Draft. The Bengals have a lot faith in Chase and their ability overcome the greatest challenge they face in the NFL, defense.

When on defense, the Bengals use a single high safety to attack Chase. The Bengals have also been attacking Chase’s weaknesses with Tee Higgins. This defensive strategy has allowed Chase to flourish, despite his struggles. On offense, the Bengals can capitalize on Chase’s incompletion to keep their opponents off the field. How can they defend Chase on third down

The inside release of this route allows Chase to sell the inside part of his route to the corner and then breaks on the outside. The corner is set up to beat the outside release, while the outside release creates the separation the corner will need to run. If the corner cannot run out on the outside, the chase will punish him by forcing him to flip his hips and run outside. When the Bengals offense has a high-quality receiver like Chase, the entire team benefits.

How to Avoid Cloud Coverage on Third Down
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