How to Become a Dental Assistant: A Career Guide

How to Become a Dental Assistant

Want to learn how to become a dental assistant?

A dental assistant works on tasks that need both interpersonal and technical skills. There are over 201,117 dental assistants in the US alone. The dental assistant helps during operations, prepare the work area and dental tools.

Dental assistants are one of the jobs many researchers predicted to grow by 2028. If you love working with people and helping with complex tasks, you came to the right place. Here is our guide explaining what you need to become a dental assistant.

Education Requirements

The first thing you need in becoming a dental assistant is to get a diploma. It’s the fastest way on how to become a dental assistant is to get a diploma.

You can get a diploma after completing a program from a vocational school or college. However, it would help if you had a high school degree to get into such programs.

A typical dental assistant training program needs both academic and laboratory work. It prepares all future assistants to excel in their works and essential dental care. Some of these programs can last two years or longer, leading to a degree.

You can still learn while on the job, but enrolling in a training program si much more preferred. If you’re looking for a university to become an assistant, check InterCoast Colleges.

Dental Assistant Certifications and License

In most states in the US, you don’t need to have a license to become a dental assistant and get entry-level work. However, if you have a license or certification, it can increase your chances of getting hired.

A license shows that you’re proficient in infection control and other dental areas. To get the license, you need to have finished the required program and pass the Dental Board Exam. Certifications, on the other hand, show your employer that you’ve met standards.

Difference Between Dental Assistant and Hygienist

Sometimes people get confused about the difference between dental assistants and dental hygienists. A dental hygienist examines a person’s mouth for any signs of oral diseases. To become one, you will need to have an associate’s degree in dental hygiene that can take 3 years.

What does a dental assistant do? They help in giving patient care, keeping records, and provide help to the dentist. The standard pay of a dental assistant goes up to 40,080 dollars.

Apply for a Dental Assistant Position

In the final part of starting your career, you will need to apply for the position. However, this dental assistant career needs you to have a year or more of experience. Make sure you have the requirements needed for the job you’re applying for.

Learn How to Become a Dental Assistant Today

After working as a dental assistant, you may choose to complete a dental degree. Being a dental assistant is an optimal career with good pay and engages with various people. Let this experience serve you as a first-hand experience of the world of dentistry.

We hope we helped you learn how to become a dental assistant. Are you looking for other works in the medical field? Check out our other content today and see what program is best suited for you.

How to Become a Dental Assistant: A Career Guide

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