How To Buy Heart Cut Diamonds- A Complete Guide

Heart cut diamonds

Few things matter as much as love in a person’s life. When people find their soulmates, they want something that captures their timeless passion, commitment, and undying love perfectly. We cannot think of a better symbol than heart-cut diamonds at diamonds-USA, as an expression of love.

Apart from their symbolic value, heart-cut diamonds are more exquisite because of their fascinating facet arrangement. The outline of a traditional heart shape, featuring two rounded lobes with a cleft on one end separating them, is the other eye-catching detail. There is also the point upon which rests the entire magnificence and value of heart-cut diamonds.

Diamond cutters need to be very skilled to accomplish the heart shape since it is complicated. If you have decided to go down on one knee and make her yours forever, here’s why heart-cut diamonds at will make a befitting choice for the occasion.

Heart Cut Diamonds- What They Are

You can identify heart-cut diamonds out of a crowd due to their facet arrangement. The latter features an outline of the timeless and iconic heart symbol. The most eye-catching details of this arrangement are the two rounded lobes, with a cleft separating them at one end and the entire heart shape coming together at a sharp point at the bottom.

Those who find heart-cut diamonds captivating surely do so because of the brilliant style of the facet design. The phenomenon in this design is the pavilion that features vertical facets, stretching out from girdles and coming together in the form of a culet.

Perhaps what’s intriguing about heart-cut diamonds is that diamond cutters use the same cutting approach that they do for brilliant round diamonds. You will find the brilliant style in a range of shapes, including pear diamonds, princess cuts, cushion cuts, and even oval diamonds.

The quality of a brilliant style is the spectacular brilliance it accomplishes and the scintillation if the crafter has done a good job.

The Overall Shape Of Heart Cut Diamonds

There are many variables in heart-cut diamonds, just like you’ll find in many other fancies and even non-round shapes. These variables include length, width, and the overall shape of heart-cut diamonds. For the first two elements, diamond experts say the best ratio is 1:1 to 1:1.2.

Generally, the length to width ratio of heart-cut diamonds determines how short or long the stone will appear. This ratio also impacts the visual appeal of heart diamonds to a great degree. If you’re one with a critical eye for perfect symmetry, alignment, and flawless visual appeal, then you’ll want to refer to the ratio we have just provided.

But if you’re a shopper for whom perfection in length and width is not of primary concern, then you can very well settle for the more elongated heart-cut diamonds. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and it’s not necessary for all buyers to adhere to the same standards of beauty.

There are also some diamond lovers who prefer the rounder and bolder heart-cut diamonds rather than the elongated ones. Then there are the shoppers, who, as we mentioned, absolutely prioritize perfect ratios and equal length and widths of their precious diamond.

What really matters is your personal preference when deciding the overall shape of heart-cut diamonds. The only thing you must remember is that ratio is not a qualitative issue but only a guideline for those who prefer perfect symmetry. The only time you must judge a heart diamond based on its proportions is if the latter tends to negatively impact the diamond’s light performance.

According to the GIA guidelines, one can list the dimensions of a fancy cut diamond as:

Length x Width x Depth

Apart from judging these diamonds on the basis of their length and width, you can also assess their appearance by considering how slender or full the lobes are of the heart-cut diamonds. Also, consider the point of the precious stones to analyze the quality of their shape, in addition to the cleft crafting and the point.

These variables impact the overall appearance of the stone. In many cases, you will see that the hearts feature a sufficiently deep cleft, while certain others may have a cleft that appears to be insufficiently defined. In the case of the latter, you will find the heart-cut precious stone looking more like a wide pear shape than a heart.

Light Performance Of Heart Diamonds

Apart from the perfect shape of a diamond, the most important other factor is its light performance. A well-crafted and high-quality heart-cut stone is on e that has a mesmerizing sparkle, mimicking the rainbow-like effects of fire.

The overall sparkle and brightness of a diamond determine its appeal level, which ultimately depends on the quality of the cut. The cut of the heart-shaped stone is what determines the quality of its optics. Assessing the light performance of a heart-cut diamond is challenging without advanced imaging.

For this assessment, you may consider using ASET, a fundamental tool that the American Gem Society Laboratories have regulated. This tool is a light performance system that serves as a lightmap, providing a graphical view with color-coding to judge how well a diamond is handling light.

Final Thoughts

Heart-cut diamonds are quickly becoming a popular choice for diamond lovers, but most especially for couples. The traditional heart shape makes it unique in many ways, starting from the excellent craftsmanship, incredible light performance, and the timeless symbol of love.

When choosing a heart-shaped diamond, it is important to assess the light performance with advanced tools, the length to width ratio, and the overall shape. Only after careful attention to detail to all these factors will you be able to find a high-quality gemstone for your collection.

How To Buy Heart Cut Diamonds- A Complete Guide

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