How to Cool Your Home in Summers?

How to Cool Your Home in Summers

Outside the window, more than 30 degrees of heat, and it seems even hotter in the apartment … has prepared a list of effective techniques that will help reduce the temperature in your house or apartment, where correctly selected window accessories play an important role

A hot summer can be a real challenge, especially for the elderly, who are most in the house, unless the windows are properly sun protected. In order not to enter into a fruitless battle with the sun, first of all, care should be taken to ensure that the amount of heat entering the apartment is as small as possible.

Do not let heated air into the house

Protection from the scorching sun is very important, especially if your windows face south. In order for the apartment to be cool in the summer, you should not allow the heating of the double-glazed windows. A proven way to achieve this is external sun protection systems: blinds, roller shutters, awnings, roller shutters, shutters. In the case of a balcony block or on a garden terrace, a special umbrella will help.

In the morning, when the temperature starts to rise, close the windows, close the curtains, lower the blinds or roller shutters. When there is abnormal heat outside, you should not open windows – especially those that face south and west.

Create shadow

If it is not possible to install external sun protection systems on the windows, block the sun from the inside. For this purpose, the following can serve blinds (it is better to prefer wooden systems to metal ones since they absorb heat), rubberized roller shutters, curtains made of thick fabrics, or internal shutters. Better to bet on light colors that will not accumulate heat.
To prevent the apartment from heating up in the summer without compromising the design of the room, the windows should be protected with special roller blinds. When the roller shutter fabric is coated on the outside with a layer of silver foil, the presence of which leads to an increase in the reflection of sunlight, then the color of the fabric from the inside is not particularly important for increasing the sun protection properties of this system.

Dark Living Room in Summer

If you do not have roller shutters, and at the moment your plans do not include their purchase, then it is worth hanging light curtains or double-sided curtains in the windows. The latter can be placed with the light side outward, which will minimize the heating of the room, and the darker side will create a darkening effect.

Light textiles are more effective than dark textiles in summer

We are talking about all kinds of textile accessories: curtains, curtains, pillows, and bed linen. Dark colors have the ability to absorb light and store heat. In addition, accessories in windows made of too dark material will contribute to the fact that the room will be dark and dull during the day.

The same goes for bedding – sleeping under dark bedspreads will provide an additional portion of warmth, which is completely unnecessary in hot weather. Cool satin sheets are perfect for hot summers. Satin is more often chosen – this natural material is excellent for air permeability.

Covers for chairs and other furniture for the summer are best purchased in light colors.

Proper ventilation

It is best to ventilate the apartment in the summer in the evening and at night, when the temperature drops when the air becomes fresher. To do this as efficiently as possible, open the balcony and windows in several different rooms and do not close the interior doors – this will ensure the circulation and flow of fresh air in all rooms.

Be sure to thoroughly ventilate your bedroom before going to bed. All windows should be wide open for at least half an hour. Thus, the heat accumulated in it during the day will leave the room.

It is best to leave windows open, or at least ajar, throughout the night. To avoid intruders in the form of mosquitoes and other types of insects, you should install a mosquito net.

Limit the use of electrical appliances

During peak hot days, try to keep the number of electrical appliances turned on to a minimum. They generate energy and radiate heat, increasing the temperature around. To do this, unused devices, such as a TV or computer, must be disconnected from the network. You can use accelerometers for this purpose. Visit for more information about accelerometers.

On a hot day, do not cook too much, as a working stove, and especially an oven, will significantly increase the temperature in the kitchen. It is better to cook with a multicart, which gives off much less heat to the atmosphere.

Air humidification

During the summer heat, the air becomes dry and makes it difficult for us to breathe. This can be remedied by purchasing a professional humidifier, however, this solution is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, there are home remedies that can keep the air fresh and cool even on the hottest day. To do this, it is enough to moisten sheets or towels with cold water and hang them on the radiators.

You can also fill the bowl with water and place it next to an open window or balcony door – the water will turn into steam under the influence of solar heat, which will humidify the air in the apartment. If you add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a bowl of water, then the air in the apartment will not only be humidified but also filled with a wonderful aroma.

Air humidification

Another way to humidify and cool the room at the same time in summer is to add ice cubes to a bowl, lower mint leaves, and lemon slices. Install the container in the kitchen or living room. Once the ice has melted, add new ice cubes.

To improve the microclimate in an apartment in hot summer, cold water should be sprayed onto indoor plants.

Air conditioner for all seasons

Air conditioning is the most effective method for dealing with hot weather. Gives a feeling of coolness and 100% eliminates the problem of an overheated room. This is, however, a rather expensive solution, so not everyone can afford it.

However, if you decide to buy an air conditioner or heat cord for roof, it is worth choosing the most efficient model for your home. It can be a portable or stationary air conditioner. In addition, pay attention to whether the device has the option of emitting a stream of warm air – this function will make it useful also in winter. It is important to provide that the air conditioner is equipped with a filtration system so that dirt, dust, odors, and dirt will not pose any problem during the operation of the device.

While air conditioners are most effective at reducing indoor temperatures during the summer, there are other alternative heat management systems available at more affordable prices.

Get the most out of your fan

A fan is one of the most widely used solutions for cooling a room. In stores, fans are available in a variety of options, sizes, and prices. Keep in mind that the cost of such devices increases significantly in the summer heat, so they should be purchased in advance so as not to overpay.

The ventilator has its drawbacks – being in close proximity to the air stream can lead to ear inflammation, colds, and headaches. Therefore, it is rational to install a ceiling fan.

If you put two bottles of water chilled in the freezer next to a small portable fan, you can immediately feel the refreshing coolness, as if an air conditioner is running in the house.

As you can see, there are quite a few methods of dealing with overheating of premises. Learn more about modern solar shading systems today can make a significant contribution to refreshing coolness in the house. Applying them systemically, it is realistic to ensure that the temperature in your four corners does not exceed the optimum for summer – at the level of 22 degrees Celsius.

How to Cool Your Home in Summers?

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