Content Marketing Trends in 2021

Content Marketing Trends

At first glance, it seems that creating content for social networks or a website is extremely simple. Reposts, rewriting competitors’ articles, stock images – yes, it can attract an audience. But for how long? Ctrl + C + Ctrl + V – no doubt simple, but absolutely ineffective.

Content marketing is replacing direct advertising today. In simple words, this is a marketing technique, the purpose of which is to create photo/video/audio/text content containing information useful for a potential client about your product or service, or the area as a whole such as this website is selling different types of products. What tasks will content marketing help to solve?

  • Increases awareness;
  • Demonstrates your professionalism;
  • Distinguishes you from competitors;
  • Increases audience loyalty;
  • Helps to increase the audience (increase traffic).

Unique content and good SEO is a solid foundation for development and promotion.

Computer vision technology and a learning neural network automatically recognize valuable information and distinguish the original from the secondary. There are hundreds of different factors at the heart of the algorithmic feed, including the lack of interaction. For example, fast scrolling of a post serves as a signal to the machine that the content is not interesting to the audience. Medium, Facebook, Instagram decide how many people will see the posts. And this has to be reckoned with.

This also applies to content for your site. In 2019-2020, the focus was not on the reader, but on the search engines.

Today, metrics like nausea and key density no longer work. They were replaced by live texts “for people”. You will no longer be able to fool search engines with an incoherent set of keys. Content Marketing Trends in 2021:

1. Share experience and knowledge

Social media is overflowing with “buy, order” ads. Users are tired of such offers, so they are waiting for really interesting and useful information. The more benefit a person gets from advertising, the more loyal his attitude to the product or service will be. Another bonus – when you talk about a product, its advantages, rules, and secrets of use, you emphasize your professionalism. User training also helps build loyalty.

2. More videos

Modern users love with their eyes. 72% of users prefer to get acquainted with a product or service through video, it is easier for them to watch than reading. Confirmation of this is the increase in the amount of video content on the network and the growing popularity of Tik Tok. Shoot Stories, broadcast live, make video reviews.

Important! It is not always convenient for users to watch videos with sound. Bloggers have found a way out – subtitles. Try to highlight the main point of the video with their help.

3. Interactive content

The use of augmented reality, including AR masks on Instagram, gamification, interactions, polls, voting – is guaranteed to increase user engagement.

4. Infographics

According to statistics, it is easier for users to perceive information that has an attractive design without unnecessary words and sentences. The graphical way of presenting information is coming to the fore today.

5. Honesty and sincerity

Communicate with your audience in simple language. Tell us about the inner workings of your company like hand dynamometer, the problems you faced, share your successes. This is the key to a trusting relationship with potential clients.

6. Working with influencers

If earlier advertising with a popular blogger was a guarantor of success, today the situation has changed radically. Usually, opinion leaders are interested only in remuneration, so they undertake advertising for absolutely any product or service. What kind of trust can we talk about if every second post in your account is an advertisement? Choose bloggers with a small but loyal and active audience. Their services will cost less, and the efficiency is several times higher. As practice shows, micro-influencers approach advertising more responsibly and more creatively, which means that you will receive higher-quality content at the end.

Stay tuned for content marketing trends! Be aware of new tricks, apply them in practice, build trusting relationships with the audience, and the desired result will not belong in coming.

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Content Marketing Trends in 2021

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