How to Draw Poinsettia Flowers

This tutorial will show you how to draw poinsettia flower petals. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of drawing the poinsettia flower, and also learn how to add the flowers’ red berries. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to the next step, shading. Shade the petals using parallel lines along the veins. Once you have completed shading, you can move on to drawing leaves and red berries.

The petals should be bright red or dark red, but you can use any shade of red. Flowers that are slightly different from the norm can look more real. You can use red, yellow, dark green, white or a combination thereof. This flower is simple to draw. You can even use a tracable poinsettia template to help you.

No matter how you draw it. Make sure to choose a medium that will allow the flower to grow properly. Poinsettias need about six hours of bright light per day, but they require total darkness at night. To make your own poinsettia, you can use construction paper or green triangles. Decorate it with fertilizer or other materials in different shapes. To make it look more real, add the fertilizer and leaves.

Next, create the petals. Begin by drawing a circle around the center of the flower. Next, draw a smaller outline around the center. Draw six lines per petal, and don’t forget to include the wavy edges. After the petals are completed, you can go ahead and color the flower, or leave it as a pencil sketch. Once you have finished, you’ll have an amazingly realistic-looking poinsettia flower to enjoy for years to come!

The flowers of the poinsettia flower are often associated with the holiday season and the Christmas season. The original flower was a flowering weed and is now considered a houseplant. It grows taller than its ancestors, but requires pruning to stay full-blown. It was included in the Christmas celebrations of Mexican Franciscan friars in the seventeenth century. The Star of Bethlehem is represented by the flowers in the bible. The red color of the flowers represents the blood of Jesus.

How to Draw Poinsettia Flowers
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