How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy to Buy From

Safe Online Pharmacy

42% of people search for online pharmacies for cheaper prices. Some even get discounts offered through insurance plans. But how do you know that the online pharmacy is legit?

Programs like “.Pharmacy” or “LegitScript” are almost completely unknown by most people — 94% of those looking online, in fact. These programs help clients find online pharmacies they can trust.

But what are some tips to finding a safe online pharmacy, regardless of these databases? Keep reading to find tips on safe online pharmacies.

Safe Online Pharmacy Tips

Fining a safe online pharmacy isn’t too difficult but if you’re looking for the best price you might run into trouble.

Some tips for finding an online pharmacy that’s safe are:

  • They need a valid prescription from a health care professional or doctor
  • They have a license from their government agency or state board of pharmacy
  • A licensed pharmacist is available to answer any questions you might have
  • They have accreditation from NABP or a similar association

Canadian Online Pharmacies

Are you a Canadian that temporarily resides in the USA, but needs access to pharmacies back home? Maybe you are enticed by lower prices in Canadian pharmacies and have heard mixed reports.

Many Canadian pharmacies like CanDrugstore have good reputations and services.

The rules for buying from Canadian pharmacies are generally the same:

  • They require a valid prescription
  • They don’t promise “miracle cures” or “panaceas”
  • They don’t have unbelievably low prices
  • They have a business address at a physical pharmacy
  • They don’t have an address outside of Canada but claim to be Canadian

Dangers and Signs of Rogue Pharmacies

Rogue pharmacies are, in essence, fake pharmacies. Fake pharmacies are particularly dangerous for many reasons.

  • You may end up with the wrong drug or it’s already expired
  • You may end up with a fake drug with toxic or harmful ingredients
  • You may have a bad reaction to the medication
  • Your personal information may be stolen and sold
  • Your banking information may be stolen and sold or drained

One of the best ways to avoid rogue pharmacies is to check if it is licensed in the province or territory it claims to work from. You can check this licensing and receive a free list of these pharmacies in an Excel spreadsheet at Similarly, there is a list of organizations for each province and territory to check with on the NAPRA website.

Inexpensive and Safe Pharmaceuticals For All

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a safe online pharmacy, but you have to do your due diligence. There’s too much riding on the line to order drugs without checking if your pharmacy is valid.

The number one tip is to not trust anyone until they show their credentials.

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How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy to Buy From

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