How to Find Reliable Chiller Rental Companies: A Guide

Reliable Chiller Rental Companies

Did you know that most beer, wine, and milk are made with processes that use a chiller? In fact, chillers are of such importance and offer so many varied functions, that they use 20 percent of the total electric power in North America.

If you have a business that depends on a chiller, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the right one from the right people. In an industry valued at $4,208.34 million, there are many chiller rental companies to choose from so how can you make sure you go with the right company?

Let us look at how you can find a reliable chiller rental company.

Get Recommendations for Chiller Rental Companies

One of the best ways to find a rental company is to ask people in the industry. You can do this among the people you know or even online. There are forums and sites where you can get honest reviews and where you can learn about the kind of experiences people had with a particular rental company.

Many local companies rely on word-of-mouth, so asking around in your industry sector can offer suggestions on which companies are reliable and which are not.

Products and Services

There are different kinds of chillers and you want to be certain the company you choose can offer the equipment you need. The first thing you want to remember is to know what kind of chiller would work best for your business.

Consider whether you need a portable or a central chiller. A portable chiller is easy to move but it can take up more space than a central chiller. For a central chiller, you have to have a permanent location that allows the unit to work at its best without being in the way.

Remember that a portable chiller will usually be installed closer to the work area, meaning the noise can be powerful. Look for a company that offers portable chillers that make less noise as they function. A central chiller, on the other hand, tends to be installed outside, reducing the noise levels.

You then want to decide on whether you want water-cooled or air-cooled chillers.

A water-cooled chiller uses water for its function. It requires a cooling tower, chillers, water pumps, and internal water reservoirs. These chillers tend to be smaller in size and are highly efficient but they do require more water so you will have higher water consumption levels.

An air-cooled chiller relies on ambient air currents, so it does not have cooling towers. They do not rely on water, have lower maintenance costs, and are aesthetically more pleasing, but they do have a higher overall cost than a water-cooled option.

Depending on your business and your budget, one of these types of chillers may be more appropriate than the rest. By knowing what you need, you can find the company that can provide it and discard the ones that cannot.

The company you choose to rent from should offer equipment that is modern and uses the latest technologies. On average, the equipment should be no older than three years. Older equipment need more maintenance and do not offer the kind of energy efficiency you need for your business.

Chiller Rental


The chiller rental company you choose has to be one that has been in the industry for years. They need to have the expertise to know how to handle installation issues, maintenance concerns, and more. Chillers are complex machines and only experts should handle the installation.

Choosing a rental company with experience can also ensure you can get guidance on the kind of chiller you need for your business. If you are not certain about whether you benefit best from a water-cooled or an air-cooled chiller, for example, someone with experience can help walk you through the decision.

Communication and Availability

You need to be able to reach the rental company if you have questions or if there is an emergency. Your business relies on the efficient functioning of chillers and if they stop working or if they malfunction, it can put your own business at risk.

The best chiller rental companies offer support 24/7 every day of the year because they know problems can arise at any moment. They also offer support online, over the phone, as well as with on-site visits.

Because time is money, the right rental company should also offer same-day services to handle any emergencies.

Exchanges and Maintenance Protocols

The chiller rental company you choose has to clearly state what its exchange protocol is. If the unit malfunctions and needs replacing, how long does the process take, and are there fees? Most rental companies will provide a replacement of similar specifications and capacity at no cost to you.

You want to also know how flexible the company is about exchanges. If your business needs change, you want a rental company that will allow you to increase or decrease your business’s cooling capacity at any point in the contract.

Rent From the Best

With all of the worries and stress running a business can cause, you do not need to worry about your chillers. By turning to reliable chiller rental companies, you can focus on what matters to your bottom line.

At Chiller Rentals by CTCA, we have over 30 years of experience and we can help you find the exact chiller you need. With our wide selection of chillers, including both water-cooled and air-cooled options, you can rely on us for your chiller requirements.

Contact us at any time, 24/7, to get started!

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How to Find Reliable Chiller Rental Companies: A Guide

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