How to Get a Basic Mining Luck Trophy in the New World

There are many ways you can increase your Mining Luck in New World. The first one is by placing mining trophies in your home. This will increase your overall Mining Luck by half. The Mining Gathering Trophy is another way to increase your Mining Luck. This trophy increases the chances of finding rare items in your area.

Once you have collected several trophies, you can place them on the walls of your home. You can display up to fifteen trophies in your home. Each one gives you a different passive effect. You can have the same trophy in multiple homes, and the effects from each one stack.

Getting the Mining trophy allows you to get access to a variety of items. You can get items like Void Gauntlet and Tolvium by obtaining the Mining trophy. It also grants you the ability to obtain the Asmodeum item, which is the most common and expensive. The Mining trophy is an integral part of the game. It helps you get the best items possible and assists with everything.

Another way to get a basic trophy is to level up your crafting skills. These skills can be used to unlock new recipes or gain higher tiers for the same trophy. The higher tiers give stronger effects, but they require more resources. When you have a high enough level of crafting skills, you can also earn a minor trophy by buying materials at an auction house. You can also hire someone to make the trophy.

To make mining easier, you must learn a few mining techniques. One of these is to gather flint. A pick made from green wood is also important. Flint is found all over the world, and you can craft a logging axe using it. If you have a high enough skill level, you can also upgrade your mining tools. Moreover, mining will be faster if you increase your mining level.

Another way to increase your mining speed is by using a mining pickaxe. This will allow you to mine more often and make more money. You will also receive a gold bonus when you use your mining pickaxe. Crafting can also bring you some major trophies. These trophies give you major bonuses in New World.

How to Get a Basic Mining Luck Trophy in the New World
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