How to Get to Reflexxion in Noordoostpolder, Netherlands

how to get to reflexxion in noordoostpolder netherlands 44034

Moovit is a great app to help you find the best way to get to Reflexxion, Noordoostpolder (Netherlands). Moovit is an app that provides real-time directions and free maps of cities, including Reflexxion. You can use Moovit to get directions to Reflexxion or to find the quickest route. Moovit allows you to view real-time traffic conditions, and find the cheapest fares from Reflexxion.

The FDA-cleared RefleXion system is able to treat multiple cancer sites simultaneously, including metastatic disease and primary tumours. The treatment can target between five and ten tumor sites, compared to one to three for a conventional radiation therapy unit. The RefleXion system can also compensate for organ motion and deliver radiotherapy at a precise dose to cancerous cells.

Sam Mazin founded RefleXion Medical in 2009 and is currently developing the first biology-guided radiotherapy system (BgRT). RefleXion currently works on a machine to integrate PET imaging data into radiation treatment. This technology will also synchronize with a linear accelerator, resulting in low latency and higher treatment efficiency. While it is not yet available for sale, it will be available for clinical trials.

Stanford Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology is the first in the world to use the RefleXion X1 machine for stereotactic body radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy. The new machine spins sixty-times faster than a traditional linear accelerator and can modulate dose at one hundred points per beamstation. This new machine may reduce side effects from radiotherapy, as it allows physicians to accurately localize tumors without the need for multiple MRIs.

How to Get to Reflexxion in Noordoostpolder, Netherlands
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