How to Have Fun and Keep Kids Safe at Pool Parties This Summer 

How to Have Fun and Keep Kids Safe at Pool Parties This Summer 

Taking a dip is the best way to keep cool this summer and have lots of fun. Whether you’re going to a public pool, staying home, or heading over to a friend’s pool, we’ve put together some tips for having fun and keeping the kids safe.

Keeping Everyone Safe at Pool Parties This Summer

It’s best to have safety talks in advance, so your child can really absorb what you’re telling them without being distracted by pool floats and all the other fun going on in the background. Lots of these tips for parents are also great for empowering children. For example, you do their first layer of sunscreen but every hour, remind them to top up their face themselves. It’s a good way to keep them involved in sun safety. Read on for more tips!

Sun Protection

When it comes to sun protection, it’s always better to be over-cautious. Use a high SPF protection for your children as children’s skin is more delicate and sensitive to burning. Even if you use a lower factor sunscreen yourself, use SPF 50 for your children. Make sure the sunscreen you use protects against both UVA and UVB rays, 

SPF lip balm is also essential to avoid painful dry, cracked lips. Apply throughout the day and after eating and drinking to ensure they’re protected. Make sure your children have sunglasses or a peaked/ wide-brimmed hat to protect their eyes too. 

For very little ones who fuss when you apply sun lotion, try putting it onto a large makeup brush and applying it to their face that way. It’s gentler, won’t get them so hot and bothered and helps you get into all the nooks and crannies of their face, neck, and ears. 

Pool Safety

Public pools will have safety measures in place, but parents always know best when it comes to their child’s abilities and limits. All children have different skill levels in the water, according to age, practice, and other factors. Ensure your child knows the extent of their skills so they can enjoy the pool without getting carried away and putting themselves at risk. 

Show them where the deep end is or which pools they’re allowed in. It’s useful to have pool safety conversations with them often in the lead-up to a pool party, and for them to have exposure to swimming in advance, so they are comfortable in the water. Make sure they have any floats, arm bands, or other helpful tools at their disposal.

If you’re at the pool with other parents, take turns to watch the kids. It can be hard to switch off but try and get some relaxation of your own! Teach children to look out for one another and tell them what to do in case they’re worried. 

Stay Healthy in the Heat

Make sure that everyone is well hydrated throughout the day. Getting kids to drink water can be tricky sometimes, but they really need to keep topped up. Putting water bottles in the freezer overnight and taking them out in the morning means your children can drink them throughout the day as they melt for a refreshing cold drink. 

During the midday sun, encourage your children to seek shade. Fortunately, at lunchtime, you can get them to sit down and eat so they’ll be exerting less energy when it’s at its hottest. Make sure you have hats handy to keep their heads and necks cool. 

The Fun Part!

Staying safe is so important, so stay mindful of the above! That said, summer and pool parties are all about fun, fun, fun! So we’ve also got some top tips for having the best time this summer with your kids!

Pool Games

Inflatables are a great way to combine fun and safety! They give your little ones a boost in the pool and are fun to climb up and float around on too. A beach ball is a classic pool-perfect activity; set up a volleyball game and bat the ball with your hands between players. 

A fun activity to do with your older kids is to do a pose competition as you jump in the pool. Get your camera handy for this one! Everyone chooses a pose, e.g., “scoring a goal” or “typing at your desk,” and then you take turns to jump in, trying to freeze mid-air in the suggested pose. The results will be hilarious!

Look the Part

There’s nothing cuter than having your kids in matching swimwear. It makes them easy to spot, and they’ll love splashing about in their brand new pieces! Why not treat your little ones to some new Jamie Kay swimwear, so they look their best when they hit the pool! 

Capture the Moment

While your little ones are kitted out in their cute new swimwear, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to capture some super sweet family moments! A disposable camera is a fun way to capture candid memories around the pool without risking getting your phone wet! 

Making memories is what summer is all about. Buy a big photo album and get all your pictures printed, which gives you another activity you can do on a rainy day! Relive the memories as you add your photos into an album that you can flick through and reminisce. 

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How to Have Fun and Keep Kids Safe at Pool Parties This Summer 

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