How to Help Soldiers in Lords of the Fallen

how to help soldiers in lords of the fallen 38815

There are many things you can do to help soldiers in Lords of the Fallen. Firstly, you should go to the nearby scouting party and help them gather four Human Tattoos. This is a quest that awards you with The Great Burden. After collecting four Human Tattoos, you will receive the item. You should then proceed to the next area to help the other scouting party.

To get the most out of Lords of the Fallen, you should know its game mechanics. It uses a risk and reward system, wherein you can increase your experience by combining combo attacks and avoiding checkpoints. The multiplier builds when you avoid checkpoints, but you’ll lose it if you die during a battle. This is because defeated non-boss enemies will reappear at their original locations, but all the experience you’ve gained up to that point will be lost.

How to Help Soldiers in Lords of the Fallen
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