How to Help Someone With the Shield of Arrav Quest in World of Warcraft

Shield of Arrav, a unique quest, is yours to complete for free. You can only pick up a half of the shield, so you will need to help someone else. You can only get the full Shield of Arrav by killing other members of your gang or team. Once you have completed this quest, you’ll see the statue Arrav in Varrock.

Once you complete the quest, you cannot help friends who are stuck. You won’t have the ability to pick up the shield or interact with the NPCs. You’ll have to find new companions. While you can help someone else, they won’t necessarily be able to help with the quest. You can’t help a friend who has completed the quest before you.

You can help someone with the quest by visiting the Varrock Museum and presenting half of Arrav’s shield to the Curator Haig Haen. You can trade the other half of the shield to the Curator Haig Halen after you have shown him your half. You can find the other half of your shield near a chest in you hideout. Unfortunately, players no longer have access to the Shield of Arrav after completing this quest.

Once you’ve obtained the Shield of Arrav, you’ll need to trade the half of the shield with someone else. You’ll end up with two certificates. The first certificate will go to you, and the second to your friend. Once you’ve given one to your friend, the final step in completing this quest is to talk to King Roald in Varrock Castle. This will enable you to collect 600 gp as well as a Sheild Of Arrav certificate.

As a reward for completing the Shield of Arrav quest, you’ll earn one Quest Point, 600 coins, and five Kudos from the Historian Minas in the museum. In order to complete the quest alone, you’ll need to create a second OSRS account and join another gang. You’ll also need a trusted companion to complete the quest. This companion is crucial to your success!

If you’re looking for quest partners in the Phoenix gang, the Pheonix gang’s hideout in Varrock is a great place to look. Many people who frequent Osrs Soa clanchat can also be helpful and will gladly help you with your quest. Remember that this quest requires two people. Find someone from the Phoenix gang to help you.

The Arrav of Avarrocka can be a challenging game. There are many ways to improve your score. You can help someone in need of your assistance, and earn a higher score. If you’re stuck and don’t know how to get the best result, you can ask for help on the forums. You can search the forums for help and find many people in need.

How to Help Someone With the Shield of Arrav Quest in World of Warcraft
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