How to Live Stream a Pre-Recorded Video

How to Live Stream a Pre-Recorded Video

Pre-recorded videos offer many advantages over live streaming, including more control over content quality.

Pre-recorded videos are essential if you wish to offer viewers an outstanding viewing experience. Pre-recorded videos can eliminate issues like poor video quality, dropped frames and crackling audio that arise while live streaming content. If you are thinking about how to set up a 24/7 live stream then here is a comprehensive guide for you:

1. Set Up Your Equipment

Pre-recorded videos can be equally effective at providing engaging audience engagement and garnering high view counts as live videos, though the former requires more effort in terms of performance, staging, overlays and graphics insertion into their video productions. Live streamers must work harder at adding creative elements such as overlays and graphics into the live video production, which may prove challenging when their energy must remain focused on engaging their viewers instead.

One major advantage of pre-recorded videos is reducing some of the risks associated with live streaming. While technical issues, such as camera cuts outs or awkward public speeches may still arise during live streams, this should likely not be as serious of a concern if your content was previously recorded and edited multiple times to perfect its delivery.

Pre-recorded videos tend to require significantly less storage space than live stream recordings, typically necessitating higher bitrate video bitrate for online streams that may take hours of footage — which could require gigabytes or more for large events with multiple hours of footage. On the contrary, pre-recorded videos can typically be saved at much lower bitrate and will typically result in smaller file sizes that take up less storage space overall.

2. Record the Video

Video content has rapidly gained in popularity and viewer expectations have skyrocketed alongside it. But producing new videos can be challenging and requires multiple people working collaboratively to ensure the highest-quality results. Employing pre-recorded footage may help streamline this process and guarantee high-quality videos are created.

Making an outstanding pre-recorded video requires recording in the optimal environment. A quiet space with adequate lighting and no background noise such as barking dogs or passing trains should be ideal, while practicing your video prior to recording may help ensure it runs smoothly and improve performance. Rehearsing can help put you at ease in front of the camera and help improve performance; for best results, use a microphone which meets all your requirements and offers high-quality audio recording.

Pre-recorded video streaming is easy when using Dacast as it enables you to record video and connect it immediately to a live stream without the need for complex integrations or integrations. Dacast can also help create announcements and trailers for events taking place later.

To stream pre-recorded video content, log into your StreamYard dashboard and navigate to the Broadcasts area. When creating a broadcast, select from the drop-down ‘Use pre-recorded video’. Next, choose where you would like your video to stream; add destination, RTMP server URL and stream key details as appropriate; click ‘Create broadcast’, and start.

3. Edit the Video

Live video content reigns supreme in terms of views and audience engagement; however, its creation can sometimes prove challenging due to buffering issues, technical glitches, or any number of other challenges. Delivering high-quality video can often prove difficult.

Pre-recorded videos offer you an invaluable chance to hone and refine your message before it goes live. This can be particularly beneficial when creating instructional videos, corporate presentations, or content dealing with serious subjects – where mistakes could easily lose the respect of viewers. With pre-recorded videos you have multiple takes available until you achieve desired results.

Pre-recorded video can also help add creative touches to your content, including animated lower-third graphics that would otherwise be difficult to produce in real time during a live broadcast.

Pre-recorded videos may also be more engaging for your viewers, since they do not impose as many limitations like live streams do. With pre-recorded content you have more flexibility when using different camera angles or adding special effects compared to live content; thus increasing audience attention and retention rates and hence watch time.

4. Publish the Video

Video content has seen tremendous growth over the years and audiences now demand consistency and quality from video creators. Pre-recorded videos offer an effective solution that still maintains authenticity while meeting these requirements.

When streaming video online, viewers expect you to be fully engaged and attentive; unfortunately this may not always be possible in real time due to distractions; when pre-recording a video however, you have time and can focus on polishing the recording as it’s being recorded – this also gives you time to avoid embarrassing mistakes that could threaten your reputation!

Pre-recorded videos allow you to add creative touches that simply aren’t possible in real time streams, such as soft scene transitions for creating an appealing viewing experience for your audience, as well as adding graphics that highlight key points or convey your message – creating more engaging and personalized content for viewers.

Pre-recorded videos made to live stream can be an engaging way to engage your audience and build relationships, but using high-quality software that supports HD resolution and playback without buffering can be daunting task. Dacast provides professional-grade video platform which simplifies this process so you can record HD-quality video without needing external equipment – give it a try for 14 days free and discover its power!

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How to Live Stream a Pre-Recorded Video
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