How to Make a Meme Worthy GIF


If you open any social media application, you’ll probably see different memes and different variations of the same visual. Memes became famous because it has an interesting way of conversing and telling a story. More than this, netizens relate to each other and have fun with these memes.

So, do you want to create your own meme and let it go viral? Here are different ways.

1. You can use the same photo you see in the internet

While scrolling through your feed, you can see multiple posts of the same photos with different texts. It is one way of doing it but also giving your own piece of joke or story about it.

  • Go to the internet and search for the raw picture
  • Save the picture
  • Open an editing tool
  • Add your own text or caption
  • Post

2. You can make your own from scratch

If you have this eureka moment or a joke you just thought of and no one can put it into words rather MEME. Go ahead and make your own.

  • Take a picture of yourself that best represents what you’re trying to say
  • Go to an editing application
  • Add your own text or caption
  • Post

How to Make a Meme Worthy GIF

You can also try screen capturing shots from movies.

  • Screen capture the frame you want from a movie
  • Paste it to your editing tool
  • Remove the original text
  • Add your own text
  • Save and then Post

However, memes are no longer just pictures but also GIFs. How will you do it?

  • Drag your chosen video to a GIF converter
  • Cut the video to your preferred timestamp
  • Add text
  • Save and Post

Now that you have the basic technicality of creating your own meme. What are the tactics you can do for your meme to garner more likes and share?

You can also use this tool if you want to convert your video to GIF.

1. Know where to post

We see memes everywhere but do you know that Pinterest is the place where memes are seen first? This is because Pinterest is for sharing photos and quick videos which is what memes are. Yes, you do see it roaming around Twitter and Facebook but wonder where they got that?

where to post

2. Use hashtag

If you plan to post it on your own meme account, you better use hashtags. Hashtags are used for easier navigation on social media apps. It’s like a different way of searching on the internet without going to google. Hashtags are mainly responsible for what is trending. You want your memes to trend? Go start by using hashtags that make other memes trend.

Using Hashtag

3. Tag other meme accounts

Another way of making your memes seen is by tagging famous meme accounts. They are the ones you need to get validation from. Those accounts know what is a meme-worthy post and what is not. If these accounts laughed or liked your meme, they might share it which means more chances for others to see your post and follow your account.

4. Keep it light and relatable

Memes are made to make people laugh and keep life a little light. Make that your goal as well. You should always keep in mind that funny is subjective so you don’t need to try so hard to think of a joke. Some get their inspiration from daily life. Some highlight their mistakes and turn it into a joke. Make sure you’re being your plain comedic self when creating your own meme.

5. Try new things

Memes range from plain text to videos. You can explore your own creativity when you’re making your meme. Another good thing about posting memes is it feels like you can’t go wrong by making something that is relatable and funny. Might as well give it your best shot so that people hit that laugh reaction or even that share button.

Final Word

Memes blow up every single day. This is not a distraction from the negativities and problems of the world but it helps people live their lives day to day. Memes are present to make us all laugh and laugh until we end up crying.

Now to wrap up, you can go create your memes and have fun by following the steps above. Whether it’s a plain photo, a GIF, or a video, always keep in mind the quality of your post.

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How to Make a Meme Worthy GIF

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